Parliamentary Library Lectures

Library lectures bring notable speakers to the Parliament to provide Senators, Members and their staff the opportunity to hear, first hand, expert opinion on a range of currently relevant topics.

Lectures held during 2022-23

Title/Speaker MP4
Comparing energy sources: understanding the ‘Levelised Cost of Energy’
Wednesday 16 November 2022
Paul Graham
Setting the context for the Federal Budget: a pre-Budget forum
Tuesday 18 October 2022
Dr Jenny Gordon, Dr Michael Keating AC FASSA FIPAA and Peter Martin AM
Artificial intelligence and accountability for decisions
Wednesday 12 October 2022
Professor Julian Thomas
Policy options for Australia’s housing crisis
Wednesday 5 October 2022
Professor Hal Pawson
Slides: [1.6KB]
Antimicrobial resistance
Wednesday 21 September 2022
Professor Cheryl Jones
Slides: [23MB]
The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU): 5 year economic outlook
Thursday 8 September 2022
Dr Simon Baptist
Slides [2.8MB]
Implementing the Samuel Review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act
Tuesday 30 August 2022
Presented by Dr Peter Burnett
Supply chain vulnerabilities
Wednesday 24 August 2022
Presented by Dr Patrick Jomini
Technology briefing—Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU)
Wednesday 17 August 2022
Presented by Peter J Cook CBE FTSE & Professor Sandra Kentish FTSE



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