Parliamentary Library Lectures

Library lectures bring notable speakers to the Parliament to provide Senators, Members and their staff the opportunity to hear, first hand, expert opinion on a range of currently relevant topics.

Lectures held during 2023-24

Title/Speaker MP4
Reforming parliamentary workplaces – Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK
Presented by the Australian Study of Parliament Group (ACT Chapter)
Thursday 27 June
Dr Maria Maley and Dr Marian Sawer 
Slides: PPTX [9MB]
Social safety nets in OECD countries – how does Australia compare over three decades of change?
Wednesday 22 May
Professor Peter Whiteford
Slides: PPTX [2MB]
2024–25 Budget challenges
Wednesday 8 May
A. Abigail Payne
Slides: PPTX [9.08MB]
Protecting migrant workers – comparing international approaches to enforcement
Wednesday 1 May
Associate Professor Anna Boucher
Slides: PPTX [1.95MB]

Children's mental health – the policy pragmatism needed to address inequity within a generation
Wednesday 17 April
Professor Sharon Goldfeld
Slides: PDF [5.44MB]
Health – how to focus on the sustainability of Australia's health care system?
Wednesday 10 April
Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite
Slides: PDF [3.23 MB]
Building Australia's mega-engineering – how do we stack up globally?
Wednesday 3 April
Professor Jennifer Whyte and Professor Brian Uy
Positive duty - Supporting safe, inclusive and respectful workplaces
Wednesday 13 March
Australian Human Rights Commission
Slides: PPTX [4.06MB]
Technology and the law – managing intellectual property and copyright in a world of AI
Wednesday 21 February
Professor Kimberlee Weatherall
Slides: PPTX [2.8MB]
Using Artificial Intelligence in parliaments
Wednesday 22 November
Dr. Fotis Fitsilis
Geoengineering - Climate Technologies
Wednesday 22 November
Rosemary Rayfuse
Joseph Cook — The Eternal Outsider
Thursday 20 October
David Headon
Notes: PDF [459KB]
The art and science of resilience
Thursday 12 October
Dennis Hoiberg
Developing Australia's critical technologies
Wednesday 11 October
Emeritus Professor Hugh Bradlow, FTSE
Slides: PPTX [891KB]
The implications of climate change for Australian agriculture
Wednesday 20 September
Distinguished Professor Stewart Lockie and Brajesh Singh
Slides: PPTX [2.8MB] and [15.7MB]
The politics of love
Wednesday 6 September
Philip McKibbin
Slides: PDF [602KB]
Afghanistan update
Wednesday 30 August
Emeritus Professor William Maley
Opportunities and challenges for Australia in emerging neuro-technologies in health
Wednesday 23 August
Professor Susan Dodds, FAHA
Slides: PPTX [5.3MB]
Governance of What? Regulation of AI, algorithms and automation
Wednesday 16 August
Professor Lyria Bennett Moses
Slides: PDF [1,197KB]
The art of writing political biographies
Friday 4 August 2023
Professor Chris Wallace, Dr Stephen Wilks, Associate Professor Alison Alder and Dr Eleanor Robin OAM
Emerging battery technologies and Australian capability
Wednesday 5 July 2023
Professor Thomas Maschmeyer and Professor Maria Forsyth
Slides: PDF [1,158KB] and PDF [2,669KB]


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