Appendix 1 - Submissions received and tabled documents

Appendix 1 - Submissions received and tabled documents

Mr Roland Good 
Ms Rosemary McKenry 
Mr Jonathan Peter 
Ms Katherine Knight 
Mr John Merkel 
Mr Jo Wall de Gallo 
Mr David Bennett 
Project SafeCom Inc. 
8A  Project SafeCom Inc 
Ms Lyn Nasir 
10  Name Withheld 
11  Mr Gareth Gillham 
12  Ms Judy Witney 
13  Ms Nancy Peters 
14  Ms Margaret Carey 
15  Ms Nancy Murphy 
16  Ms Julia Edwards 
17  Ms Tracey Puckeridge 
18  Mrs Jean Jordan 
19  Ms Sandra Green 
20  Ms Margaret McGregor 
21  Ms Katherine Raymond 
22  Mr Ian McFarlane 
23  Ms Pat Law 
24  Mr John Biggs 
25  Ms Euthymia Sephton 
26  Ms Moira McAuliffe 
27  Dr Peter and Mrs Jan McInerney 
28  Ms Judy Donnelly 
29  Tasmania Police 
30  Hopestreet Urban Compassion 
31  Dr Jon Jureidini 
32  Ms Nina Boddenberg 
33  Mr Paul Lightfoot 
34  Ms Jane Keogh 
35  Ms Hoa Pham 
36  Ms Kim Baird 
37  Ms Sue Hoffman 
38  Mr Tony Kevin 
38A  Mr Tony Kevin 
39  WA Women in Black 
40  Ms Hazel Brimley 
41  Medical Association for the Prevention of War (WA Branch) 
42  Ms Lillian Harris 
43  Ms Paula Young 
44  Mr John and Mrs Shirley Gunson 
45  Ms Bernadette McKenna 
46  Ms Helena Leeder 
47  Mr David Wallin 
48  Marchlewski Family 
49  University of Newcastle Legal Centre 
50  Ms Pauline Green 
51  Refugee Advocacy Service of South Australia Inc 
52  Ballarat Refugee Support Network 
53  Name Withheld 
54  Mr Bert and Mrs Christine Fabel 
55  Mr John Card 
56  Ms Meryl McLeod 
57  Ms Melinda Beasant-Commerford 
58  Mr Harold Jones 
59  Ms Daniela Franz 
60  Mr Mike Murphy 
61  Ms Dorothy Babb 
62  Ms Maria Pinferi 
63  Mr Ray and Mrs Bronwyn Robinson 
64  Mr Don Stokes 
65  Ms Jane Moore 
66  Ms Lizz Hutchinson 
67  Echuca/Moama Rural Australians for Refugees 
68  Mr John Croyston 
69  Strathalbyn Circle of Friends 22 
70  Mrs D. Lascaris 
71  Castan Centre for Human Rights Law 
72  Ms Pauline Bleach 
73  Catholic Bishops Committee for Migrants and Refugees 
74  United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 
75  Dr Miriam Orwin 
76  Ms Erika Munton 
77  Ms Helen Lewers 
78  Ms Genevieve Caffery 
79  Pilgrim Circle of Friends 27 
80  Mr Tom Mann 
81  Mr Guy Coffey 
82  Name Withheld 
83  Mr James Poland 
84  Name Withheld 
85  Mr Jamal A. Daoud 
86  Mr Ahmed Al Kateb 
87  Mr Agostino Renda 
88  Rural Australians for Refugees 
89  Mr Colin James Apelt 
90  Mr John Schindler 
91  Ms M.E. Flenley 
92  Ms Halina Rubin 
93  Ms Moya Turner 
93A  Ms Moya Turner 
94  Dr Anthony Pun 
95  Ms Linda Anchell 
96  Ms Margaret Tonkin 
97  Ms Diane Gosden 
98  Ms Rosi Aryal 
99  Australian National Audit Office 
99A  Australian National Audit Office 
100  RMIT Refugee & Asylum Seeker Project 
101  Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia 
102  Dr Glenn Nicholls 
103  Dr Margaret Kelly 
104  Ms Julie Turner 
105  Ms Annette Shears and Ms Peta Anne Molloy 
106  Ms Mary Dagmar Davies 
107  Ms Amanda Kube 
108  The Royal Australia and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists 
109  Australian Education Union 
110  Law Society of South Australia 
111  Ms Melanie Mumford 
112  Mr Paul I. Boylan 
113  Mr Brian Davies 
114  Ms Elizabeth Joy Gibbings 
115  International Commission of Jurists 
116  Ms Brooke Eddington 
117  Mr Richard Babb 
118  Mr Ian Knowles 
119  Name Witheld 
120  Ms Annabel Brown 
121  Ms Halinka Rubin 
122  Ms Ruth Graham 
123  Ms Judith McArthur (nee Cullity) 
124  Ms Barbara Couston Cliff 
125  Mr Tim Allen 
126  Ms Mary J de Merindol 
127  Elm Grove Sanctuary Trust 
128  Ms Marissa Monagle 
129  Ms Genevieve Lloyd 
130  Mr Allan Nield 
131  Mr Anthony Krohn 
132  Ms Norrie May-Welby 
133  Ms Corinne Salmon 
134  Ms Juineta Boyd 
135  L V Nayano Taylor-Neumann 
136  Ms Gwen Gorman 
137  Ms Rosalind Berry 
138  STTARS (Survivors of Torture and Trauma Assistance and Rehabilitation Service) 
139  Mr Matt E. Robinson 
140  Mr Paul Hense 
141  Companion House 
142  Dr Joan Beckwith 
143  Falun Dafa Association of NSW Inc 
144  Migration Institute of Australia 
145  Judith Quinlivan and Leith Maddock 
146  Ms Kerrie Barry 
147  St Vincent de Paul Society 
148  Refugee Council of Australia 
149  Mr Daemon Singer 
150  Great Lakes Rural Australians for Refugees 
151  Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education  
152  Ms Joan Nield 
153  Ms Dallas Louise Fell 
154  Ms Vicki McDuie 
155  Social Issues Executive Anglican Diocese Sydney 
156  Ms Rosalie Lackie 
157  The George Institute of International Health 
158  Mr Ralph Schwer 
159  Mr Damien McInerney 
160  Confidential 
161  Mrs Elizabeth M. Turnock 
162  Confidential 
163  Justice for Asylum Seekers (JAS) Network 
164  Australian Political Ministry Network Ltd 
165  Catholic Migrant Centre 
166  Legal Aid New South Wales 
167  Buddies Refugee Support Group 
168  Ms Joy Elizabeth 
169  Ms Kaye Bernard 
170  Centre for Refugee Research – UNSW 
171  Social Justice Committee Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes (NSW) 
172  Tasmanians for Refugees 
173  Ms Glenda Clarke 
174  Coalition for the Protection of Asylum Seekers 
175  Brotherhood of St Laurence, Ecumenical Migration Centre 
176  Confidential 
177  Albany Community for Afghan Refugees  
178  ChilOut 
179  National Council of Churches in Australia 
180  Franciscan Missionaries of Mary 
181  Ms Jean Oates 
182  CASE for Refugees 
183  Dr Anne Pedersen 
184  A Just Australia  
185  Human Rights Council of Australia and Australians for Just Refugee Programs Inc. 
186  Australians for Just Refugee Programs Inc. with Ms Naleya Everson 
187  Woomera Lawyers Group 
188  Kerang Rural for Australian Refugees 
189  Women and Reform of Migration 
190  Uniting Justice Australia and Asylum Seeker Project Hotham Mission 
191  Amnesty International Australia 
192  Mr William Fisher 
193  Vietnamese Community in Australia 
194  Immigration Advice and Rights Centre Inc. 
195  Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association of NSW and National Ethnic Disability Alliance 
196  Commonwealth Ombudsman 
197  Mrs Dallas Mazoori 
198  NSW Young Lawyers Human Rights Committee 
199  Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission 
200  South Brisbane Immigration & Community Legal Service Inc 
201  Asylum Seekers Centre Inc 
202  University of Technology, Sydney 
203  SAVE - Australia Inc 
204  Dr Penelope Matthew with the ANU Law Students for Social Justice Society 
205  Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs 
205A  Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs 
206  Law Institute of Victoria 
207  Ms Susan Metcalfe 
207A  Confidential 
208  Gay & Lesbian Immigration Task Force 
209  Sydney South West Area Health Service 
210  Name Withheld 
211  Ms Marion Le 
211A  Ms Marion Le 
211B  Ms Marion Le – Confidential 
211C  Ms Marion Le – Confidential  
212  Melbourne Catholic Commission for Justice, Development & Peace and the Melbourne Catholic Migrant & Refugee Office 
213  Ms Marilyn Shepherd – Confidential 
213A  Ms Marilyn Shepherd – Confidential  
213B  Ms Marilyn Shepherd 
214  Confidential 
214A  Asylum Seekers Resource Centre 
215  Mrs Jennifer Tranter 
216  Centre for Philippine Concerns-Australia, Brisgane Branch 
217  Hazara Ethnic Community in Australia 
217A  Hazara Ethnic Community in Australia 
218  Justice for Vivian 
219  Australian Federal Police 
220  Ms Michaela Rost 
220A  Ms Michaela Rost 
221  The United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA) 
222  Mental Health Council of Australia 
223  Australian Psychological Society 
224  Ms Frederika Steen 
225  Dr Robert Hirsch 
226  Dr Geoff Gallop MLA Premier of Western Australia 
227  The Hon Steve Bracks MP Premier of Victoria 
228  Mr Paul McKinnon 
229  Ms Elaine Smith 
230  E. Leta Padman 
231  Centre for Philippine Concerns Australia (CPCA) 
232  Community Relations Commission for a Multicultural NSW 
232A  Community Relations Commission for a Multicultural NSW 
233  Law Council of Australia 
234  Mr Angus Francis 

Tabled Documents

26 September 2005 - Ms Claire O'Connor – Private Capacity

  • Affidavit of James Robert Williams
  • Appendices A to Appendix P
  • Federal Court of Australia S v Secretary, Department of Immigration & Multicultural & Indigenous Affairs [2005] FCA 549

26 September 2005 – Dr Jon Jureidini – Private Capacity

  • Additional Information

27 September 2005 – Ms Michaela Rost – Private Capacity

  • Statistics re: Students, Visa Cancellations and relevant information

11 October 2005 –Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs

  • No 2.6 – Management Support Unit – Transfer and Accommodation Index
  • Mental Health Assessment and Multidisciplinary mental Health Care and Services for Detainees in Immigration Detention Facilities
  • Direction No. 21(1) Migration Act 1958 Direction Under Section 499(2) Visa refusal and cancellation under section 501 of the Migration Act 1958 Direction – Visa Refusal and Cancellation under Section 501 – No. 21(3)

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