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Inquiry into the Public Interest Disclosure Bill 2013

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Submissions are being progressively added to the website. The list below includes only those submissions published to date. Please check these pages again for further updates.

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There is currently a total of 22 submissions in the following list.

These are the submissions for the inquiry into Public Interest Disclosure Bill 2013.
The submissions for the inquiry into the Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Bill 2012 and the Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2012 can be found here (link).

  1. Commonwealth Ombudsman (PDF 3555KB)
  2. Accountability Round Table (PDF 259KB)
  3. Australian Public Sector Commissioner (PDF 218KB)
  4. Dr Kim Sawyer (PDF 305KB)
    Attachment A (PDF 777KB)
  5. Blueprint for Free Speech (PDF 274KB)
  6. National Tertiary Education Union (PDF 305KB)
  7. Transparency International Australia (PDF 128KB)
  8. Inspector General of Intelligence and Security (PDF 390KB)
  9. Community and Public Sector Union (PDF 85KB)
  10. Australian Council of Trade Unions (PDF 432KB)
  11. Tax Justice Network Australia (PDF 70KB)
  12. Dr Suelette Dreyfus (PDF 284KB)
  13. Westmead Hospital Whistleblowers (PDF 85KB)
  14. Professor AJ Brown (PDF 557KB)
  15. ABC (PDF 162KB)
  16. ASIO - ASIS (PDF 312KB)
  17. Whistleblowers Action Group QLD Inc (PDF 1559KB)
    Attachment A (PDF 89KB)
  18. Civil Liberties Australia (PDF 41KB)
  19. Mr Andrew Wilkie MP (PDF 197KB)

  20. Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Bill 2012

  21. Joint media organisations (PDF 626KB)
  22. SBS (PDF 295KB)
  23. National Whistleblowing Information Centre (PDF 644KB)

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