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Chapter 1 Overview of visit
Chapter 2 Themes and issues
Chapter 3 Notes on parliaments visited
Appendix A – Meetings
Appendix B – Issues for study
Appendix C – Committee information


The study tour by members of the Procedure Committee was a great opportunity to visit a number of other legislatures and see at first hand different ways in which parliamentary democracy occurs. While many differences were apparent, there was a common theme among all parliaments − how to best serve constituents and make the operations of the parliament relevant and responsive.

We were most grateful to the members and staff of the various parliaments we visited for very generously briefing the committee and answering our many questions. While we were able to learn a certain amount prior to the visit by consulting various publications, it was the first hand experience of those operating in the various legislatures that gave real depth to our understanding.

Finally, I would like to thank the other participants in the study tour for their enthusiasm and friendship during what was a very challenging program. We all learned a great deal, and I am sure this broadening of our knowledge will be reflected in the work of the Procedure Committee into the future.

Margaret May MP




Mrs Margaret May MP


Mr Luke Hartsuyker MP


Ms Kelly Hoare MP


Hon Roger Price MP

Accompanied by

Mr Kerry Bartlett MP (Chief Government Whip)


Ms Judy Middlebrook

Note: The following members of the Procedure Committee were unable to participate in the overseas study program because of prior commitments


Mr Daryl Melham MP (Deputy Chair)


Ms Bronwyn Bishop MP


Mrs Trish Draper MP

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