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Submissions to this inquiry were received from the following individuals/organisations and copies of some of those submissions are available on this site or from the Committee Secretariat. Further submissions will be made available on this site as original paper copies are converted to electronic documents.

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No Received from
1 Friends of the National Library of Australia (PDF 75KB)
2 Australian Electoral Commission (PDF 65KB)
3 M. Moran (PDF 84KB)
4 Patrick Dodgson (PDF 51KB)
5 Geraldine Robertson (PDF 41KB)
6 Susie Brown (PDF 34KB)
7 Douglas McCloskey (PDF 69KB)
8 Rob Millington (PDF 246KB)
9 National Library of Australia (PDF 284KB)
10 Michael Richards (PDF 128KB)
11 Paul Starr (PDF 104KB)
12 Australian National Audit Office (PDF 77KB)
13 Kathryn Graham (PDF 117KB)
14 David Boughey (PDF 133KB)
15 Leigh West (PDF 81KB)
16 Community and Public Sector Union (PDF 1,209KB)
17 Spiro Adamopoulos (PDF 130KB)
18 Anne Withell (PDF 99KB)
19 Tara Hewitt (PDF 26KB)
20 National Archives of Australia (PDF 292KB)
21 Environment Australia (PDF 79KB)
22 National Capital Authority (PDF 2,847KB)
23 John Lauder
Chapter 1 (PDF 1,569KB)
Chapter 2 (PDF 5,318KB)
Chapter 3 (PDF 1,050KB)
Chapter 4 (PDF 1,079KB)
Chapter 5 (PDF 3,383KB)
Chapter 6 (PDF 2,485KB)
Chapter 7 (PDF 882KB)
24 Jenny Harper (PDF 93KB)
25 The Treasury Workplace Relations Committee (PDF 262KB)
26 Adam Kirk (PDF 53KB)
27 Phil Hambly (PDF 268KB)
28 Confidential
29 National Gallery of Australia (PDF 225KB)
30 Canberra International Airport (PDF 180KB)
31 Old Parliament House / National Portrait Gallery (PDF 562KB)
32 Pedal Power ACT (PDF 134KB)
33 Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PDF 184KB)
34 Australian Public Service Commission (PDF 123KB)
35 Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (PDF 107KB)
36 Presiding Officers, Parliament of Australia (PDF 211KB)
37 ACT Department of Urban Services (PDF 2,599KB)
38 Australian Heritage Commission (PDF 1,094KB)
39 Tim Booth (PDF 58KB)
40 Property Council of Australia (PDF 822KB)
41 Supplementary Friends of the National Library (PDF 375KB)
42 Supplementary Pedal Power ACT (PDF 133KB)
43 John Russell (PDF 268KB)
44 Jennifer Brett (PDF 64KB)
45 Catherine Potter (PDF 290KB)
46 John Graham (On behalf of volunteer workers) (PDF 1,198KB)
47 Anna Wieczorek (PDF 825KB)
48 Supplementary Old Parliament House / National Portrait Gallery (PDF 116KB)
49 Karen Groeneveld (PDF 89KB)
50 Supplementary National Library of Australia (PDF 154KB)
51 John Chapman (PDF 41KB)
52 Supplementary The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PDF 48KB)
53 Supplementary National Archives of Australia (PDF 58KB)
54 Department of Agriculture Fisheries & Forestry Australia (PDF 78KB)
55 Dianne Deane (PDF 199KB)
56 Jason Thornton (PDF 61KB)
57 Supplementary National Capital Authority
Submission 57 (PDF 185KB)
Attachment A (PDF 1,883KB)
Attachment B (PDF 685KB)
58 Auli Uotila (PDF 111KB)
59 to 79 59 to 79 (PDF 1,279KB)
80 to 100 80 to 100 (PDF 1,097KB)
101 to 105 101 to 105 (PDF 287KB)
106 Confidential
107 to 120 107 to 120 (PDF 751KB)
121 to 145 121 to 145 (PDF 1,059KB)

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