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Inquiry into the Immigration Bridge Australia Proposal

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Submissions will be made available here when they are received and authorised for publication.

The Committee encourages submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations. While we prefer submissions lodged in an original, electronic format, we do not want to exclude contributors who do not have access to computing facilities. Therefore, we will accept submissions in a range of formats which may include typewritten and handwritten documents.

Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format (ie, hard copy or large print) is required, please contact the Committee Secretariat. More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 12 submissions in the following list:

  1. Mr Conor D Annesley (PDF 188KB)

  2. Dr Nicholas Reid (PDF 176KB)

  3. Mr David Roberts (PDF 1157KB)

  4. Mr Ken Eynon (PDF 487KB)

  5. Ms Phoebe Bischoff OAM (PDF 952KB)

  6. Mr Simon Wallis (PDF 638KB)

  7. Dr David Pfanner (PDF 574KB)

  8. Mr Daniel Gleeson (PDF 539KB)

  9. Mr Stephen Brown (PDF 793KB)

  10. Mr David Hobson (PDF 231KB)

  11. Mr Laurence Ammon (PDF 59KB)

  12. Mr Cleaver Elliott (PDF 2022KB)

  13. Mr Michael Burgess (PDF 19KB)

  14. Emeritus Professor DJ Mulvaney AO CMG (PDF 24KB)

  15. Mr David Townsend (PDF 36KB)

  16. Mr Gordon Shannon (PDF 1763KB)

  17. Mr Penleigh Boyd (PDF 865KB)

  18. Name Withheld (PDF 617KB)

  19. Mr JPD Hodgman (PDF 33KB)

  20. Mr Peter Forster (PDF 15KB)

  21. Friends of the Albert Hall Inc. (PDF 255KB)

    21.1 Supplementary to submission 21:
    Friends of the Albert Hall Inc. (PDF 335KB)

  22. Mr John Holland (PDF 121KB)

  23. Mr Alexander Paine (PDF 339KB)

  24. Dr John Gray (PDF 1229KB)

  25. Pam Crombie (PDF 533KB)

  26. Mr Peter Barter (PDF 41KB)

  27. Mr Hamish Lindsay (PDF 930KB)

  28. Dr Enrico Taglietti (PDF 898KB)

  29. Immigration Bridge Australia (PDF 1451KB)

    29.1 Supplementary to submission 29:
    Immigration Bridge Australia (PDF 48KB)

  30. Pedal Power ACT Inc. (PDF 283KB)

  31. ACT Rowing Association (PDF 26KB)

  32. Walter Burley Griffin Society Inc. (PDF 188KB)

    32.1 Supplementary to submission 32:
    Walter Burley Griffin Society Inc. (PDF 10,944KB)

    32.2 Supplementary to submission 33:
    Walter Burley Griffin Society Inc. (PDF 293KB)

    32.3 Supplementary to submission 33:
    Walter Burley Griffin Society Inc. (PDF 439KB)

  33. Mr Terence Dwyer (PDF 33KB)

  34. Mr David Merz (PDF 25KB)

  35. Ms Gina Pinkas (PDF 31KB)

  36. Mr Peter Warren (PDF 565KB)

  37. Mr Ben & Mrs Lina Sheils (PDF 254KB)

  38. The Lake Users Group (PDF 21KB)

  39. Mr Hugh Taylor (PDF 431KB)

  40. Mr Guy Anderson (PDF 30KB)

  41. Ms Julia Trainor (PDF 17KB)

  42. National Trust of Australia (ACT) (PDF 235KB)

    42.1 Supplementary to submission 42:
    National Trust of Australia (ACT) (PDF 647KB)

  43. Dr David Headon (PDF 29KB)

  44. Mr Peter Dalton (PDF 44KB)

  45. Yarralumla Residents Association (PDF 438KB)

  46. Canberra Yacht Club (PDF 133KB)

    46.1 Supplementary to submission 46:
    Canberra Yacht Club (PDF 39KB)

  47. Name Withheld (PDF 40KB)

  48. Hon Dr Bob Such MP (PDF 22KB)

  49. Yachting ACT (PDF 206KB)

  50. Mr Peter Cooke-Russell (PDF 347KB)

  51. Mr Joe Bailey (PDF 24KB)

  52. YMCA of Canberra Sailing Club (PDF 92KB)

  53. Mr Simon Johnstone (PDF 275KB)

  54. Mr Rupert Summerson (PDF 22KB)

  55. ACT Heritage Council (PDF 29KB)

  56. Mr Tim Glover (PDF 54KB)

  57. Mr Ian Morison (PDF 28KB)

  58. Mr Paul Pfluger (PDF 21KB)

  59. Mr Ken Cartwright OAM (PDF 1299KB)

  60. National Capital Authority (PDF 1760KB)

    60.1 Supplementary to submission 60:
    National Capital Authority (PDF 56KB)

    60.2 Supplementary to submission 60:
    National Capital Authority (PDF 66KB)

  61. Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia (PDF 83KB)

  62. Confidential

  63. ACT Planning and Land Authority (PDF 174KB)

  64. Canberra Dragon Boats Association (PDF 84KB)

  65. Mr Ian Brokenshire (PDF 43KB)

  66. Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (PDF 61KB)

  67. Mr Cameron Tannock (PDF 100KB)

  68. Ms Beth Slatyer (PDF 16KB)

  69. Ms Milena Trkulja (PDF 48KB)

  70. Mr Victor Rebikoff OAM (PDF 17KB)

  71. Lynne Bentley (PDF 170KB)

  72. Meredith Batten (PDF 146KB)

  73. Confidential

  74. ALJ and P. Kaye Beckwith (PDF 146)

  75. Mr Greg O’Regan (PDF 70KB)

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