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| Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade

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Appendix A – List of Submissions

1.                    Associate Professor Robert Atkinson, AM, RFD, FRACS, Brigadier (RTD)

2.                    Name Withheld

3.                    Dr Andrew Khoo

4.                    The Returned & Services League of Australia WA Branch Incorporated

5.                    Name Withheld

6.                    Name Withheld

7.                    Name Withheld

8.                    Defence Families of Australia

9.                    Name Withheld

10.                Carry On (Victoria)

11.                The Returned and Services League of Australia Ltd

12.                Legacy Australia Council

13.                The Hon. Jack Snelling MP

14.                Name Withheld

15.                Soldier On

16.                Name Withheld

17.                Department of Defence

18.                Department of Veterans’ Affairs

19.                Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, United States of America

20.                Mr Geoff Parker

21.                Centre for Military and Veterans’ Health

22.                Young Diggers

23.                Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health

24.                Austin Health

25.                Vietnam Veteran's Federation

26.                Dr Jean W Doherty MA BCh BAO

27.                Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia Inc.

28.                Centori Pty Ltd

29.                Go2 Human Performance

30.                Professor AC McFarlane AO

31.                Dr Susan Neuhaus CSC

32.                Dr Glen Edwards

33.                Veteran's Health Advisory Council

34.                Dr Glen Edwards (supplementary submission)

35.                Soldier On (supplementary submission)

36.                Trauma Release Australia

37.                Department of Defence (supplementary submission)

38.                Department of Defence (supplementary submission)

39.                Australasian Care Services Network

40.                Name Withheld

41.                Department of Veterans’ Affairs (supplementary submission)

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