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Review of the Rollout of the National: Fourth Report

February 2013

© Commonwealth of Australia 2013

ISBN 978-0-642-79743-8 (Printed version)
ISBN 978-0-642-79744-5 (HTML version)

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Preliminary pages (PDF 131KB)
Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF 65KB)

Committee’s Role
Reporting Timeframe
About the Review
Information Provided to the Committee
Committee’s Visit to New Zealand
Report Outline

Chapter 2 Performance Reporting (PDF 188KB)

Key Features of the Performance Report
Key Performance Indicators
Delay in NBN Rollout Commencement
National Broadband Network Rollout Progress
Current Progress
Planned Progress
NBN Co’s Unaudited Financial Results
Timing of Performance Information
Answers to Questions on Notice
Concluding Comments

Chapter 3 Regulatory and Pricing Issues (PDF 104KB)

Binding Definitive Agreements with Telstra and Optus
Optus Agreement
Access Pricing
Wholesale Broadband Agreement
Impact of Access Price
Concluding Comments

Chapter 4 Regional and Remote Issues (PDF 132KB)

Fibre Network
Fixed Wireless Network
Rollout Progress
Satellite Network
Rollout Progress
Upgrades to Wireless and Satellite Technology
Mobile Networks
Concluding Comments

Chapter 5 Additional Issues (PDF 101KB)

Medical Alarms
Retail Service Providers and Uni-V Port Service
Battery Back-up
Connecting Multi-Dwelling Units
Concluding Comments

Chapter 6 Private Equity Engagement and Workforce Issues (PDF 148KB)

Private Equity Engagement
Private Equity Engagement Timeframe
Debt Financing
Concluding Comments
Workforce Issues
Telstra Workforce Retraining Issues
NBN Workforce Planning
Concluding Comments

Dissenting Report by Coalition Members and Senators (PDF 631KB)

1. Lack of Transparency on NBN Build Costs
2. Telcos Raise Concerns Over Proposed NBN Price Hikes
3. Analysts Question Whether Corporate Plan Revenues Achievable
4. Rollout Delays - Problems With Contractor Syntheo
5. NBN Struggling to Connect to Multi Dwelling Units
6. NBN and DBCDE Spending Excessively on Advertising Without Measuring Effectiveness
Coalition Criticism of NBN Advertising Campaigns
7. NBN Looking to Sign Longer Contract Periods
8. Lack of Transparency and Accountability in Reporting to the Committee
Combining ISS and Wireless in Premises Passed/Covered Figures
Inaccurate and Delayed Answers to Questions

Report on the Committee’s Visit to New Zealand - Official Visit Program (PDF 1.2MB)

Visit Objectives
Visit Program
New Zealand’s High Speed Broadband Initiatives
Funding Arrangements for Fibre Network Build
Ultra Fast Broadband Initiative
Rural Broadband Initiative
Reform of the New Zealand Telecommunications Sector
Inquiry into the Telecom New Zealand Demerger
Managing the Fibre Network Build and Rollout
Network Partner Companies
Regulatory Matters
Policy Considerations
Concluding Comments
Membership of the Delegation

Appendix A – Submissions and Exhibits (PDF 48KB)
Appendix B – Hearings and Witnesses (PDF 43KB)

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