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Standing Committee on Economics, Finance and Public Administration

Bank prudential supervision: Australian Prudential Regulation Authority: Review of Audit report no.42 2000-01


Listed below are the submissions for the inquiry into ANAO Audit Report No. 42 2000/01: Bank prudential supervision that the Committee has received and which the Committee has authorised for publication. Submissions that are available electronically (PDF format format) are underlined.

To view or print these submissions, you will require the Acrobat PDF reader ®, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe ®.

No. Received from
1 Mr Nigel Fitzpatrick (PDF format 22KB)
2 Mr Nigel Fitzpatrick (PDF format 24KB) (supplementary submission)
3 Erskinomics (PDF format 11KB)
4 Mr B.W. Hamilton (PDF format 7KB)
5 National Credit Union Association Inc (PDF format 20KB)
6 Mr Joe Nagy (PDF format 36KB)
7 Price Waterhouse Coopers (PDF format 85KB)
8 Australian Association of Permanent Building Societies (PDF format 35KB)
9 Cairns Penny Bank (PDF format 51KB)
10 Mr John R Cosstick
11 Adelaide Bank
12 Citibank (PDF format 143KB)
13 The Treasury (PDF format 26KB)
14 International Banks and Securities Association of Australia (PDF format 76KB)
16 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
17 Australian Bankers' Association
18 Mr B.W. Hamilton (supplementary submission)

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