Second Reading Speeches

Health and Ageing Legislation Amendment Bill 2003 [2004]

Health and Ageing
Originating house
Parliament no

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Amends the:

National Health Act 1953
to: increase the maximum number of members of Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee; provide for payment and/or waiver of recovery of 90 per cent of the value of pharmaceutical benefits supplied from an unapproved relocated pharmacy where the pharmacist has subsequently obtained approval; allow an agent to make and sign an application for a pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS) safety net concession or entitlement card; provide that certain ministerial determinations apply to the supply of pharmaceutical benefits by hospitals in the same way as they do to supply by pharmacies; clarify the decision-maker’s discretion to cancel approvals to supply pharmaceutical benefits; and allow a medical services provider to send claims directly to the Health Insurance Commission;
Health Insurance Act 1973
Health Insurance Commission Act 1973
National Health Act 1953
Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986
to provide that special supply arrangements can be used for the funding particular medicines not available through the PBS;
Health Insurance Act 1973
to restore specialist recognition status for certain specialists; and ensure that overseas trained doctors do not receive Medicare benefits for assisting at operations unless they have an exemption or have committed themselves to providing services in districts of workforce shortage; and
Aged Care Act 1997
Health Insurance Act 1973
to make technical amendments and corrections.