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Parliamentary Entitlements Legislation Amendment Bill 2017

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House of Representatives
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Amends the:

Members of Parliament (Life Gold Pass) Act 2002
to: amend the short title of the Act to the
Parliamentary Retirement Travel Act 2002
; impose certain limits on access to the parliamentary retirement travel entitlement; reduce the number of trips available under the entitlement; remove the ability of spouses or de facto partners (other than those of a former prime minister) to access the entitlement; reduce the entitlement of spouses or de facto partners of a former prime minister; and require that all travel under the entitlement be subject to a public benefit test;
Parliamentary Entitlements Act 1990
to: apply a 25 per cent loading to any adjustment to a prescribed travel benefit; and limit the domestic travel entitlement of dependent children of senior officers to those under 18 years of age; and
Parliamentary Entitlements Act 1990
Members of Parliament (Life Gold Pass) Act 2002
to enable the recovery of payments made which are beyond the entitlement.