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Prime Ministers portraits tour

Visitors view the portraits of former prime ministers

About the tour

Discover the story and evolution of the Historic Memorials Collection of Parliament House on a new guided tour. 

The collection is Australia’s longest-running commissioning art program. It includes well-known portraits such as William Dargie’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II (1954), Ivor Hele’s portrait of Robert Menzies (1955) and the portrait of Gough Whitlam by Clifton Pugh (1972). 

This 50 minute tour will take you on a journey through the history of Prime Ministers’ portraits and share insights into political leaders and artists.

Tours are presented in association with the Historic Memorials Collection exhibition, which explores the history and evolution of the collection, controversies and awards, and provides a new frame to understand the collection of portraits on display throughout Parliament House.

Established in 1911, the Historic Memorials Collection celebrated its 110th anniversary in 2021. 

Daily from Saturday 4 December to Sunday 30 January 2022 (closed Christmas day)

12.00 noon and 3.00pm

50 minutes

Free, bookings essential

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