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New exhibition at Parliament House celebrates contemporary identities

Friday, 28 May 2021 in Exhibition

A new exhibition at Australian Parliament House brings together recently acquired art works, focusing on how artists respond to, and reflect on, their personal connection to the notion of Australian identity. 

‘New Acquisitions: contemporary identity and land’ includes 25 new works from the Australian Parliament House Art Collections (APHAC). The exhibition highlights one of the APHAC’s main priorities, which is ‘to reflect aspects of Australian life, landscape and our pluralist society.’ 

Many of the works draw on symbolism in native flora and fauna to narrate histories of place and landscape, reflecting on the ideas of identity within the future of these landscapes. Some of the highlights include significant Indigenous works such as Writing on the Wall by Dr Christian Thompson AO, recently featured in this year’s Enlighten exhibition, and Waru (fire) by Jorna Newberry.

The collection includes artworks in a range of mediums, from paint and pencil to sculpture and glasswork. It is the first exhibition of new acquisitions since 2016 and showcases several exciting pieces the collection has obtained over the past four years. 

The exhibition runs from May to November and is free for all visitors to Parliament House.   

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