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Parliament House during Enlighten

Visitors and a guide walk through a glass corridor at Australian Parliament House

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Parliament House: a chronology

Australia's Parliament House turns 30 this year. Discover milestones represent defining events and turning points in this history. This chronology celebrates milestones in the Parliament, as well as significant events in the evolution of the building and its landscape setting.

Attribute: Dr Joy McCann Politics and Public Administration Section with Dr Dianne Heriot, Parliamentary Librarian

Image: Australian Parliament House during the Enlighten Festival, 2011 Howard Moffat/AUSPIC. Concept created by The Electric Canvas.

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Ed Douglas image

Photo Gallery

The construction of Australian Parliament House, and the first three decades of its life, have been captured by many distinguished photographers. In Parliament House’s 30th anniversary year, this gallery will grow week by week, showcasing the work of these photographers, most of whom were officially commissioned through the Parliament House Art/Craft Program to capture this significant period in our national life.

Image: Ed Douglas (b. 1943) Untitled, 1986, Parliament House Art Collection, Canberra, ACT


Ed Douglas image

Ed Douglas (b. 1943)
Untitled, 1986,
Parliament House Art Collection, Canberra, ACT

Ed Douglas was interested in the earthworks stage of construction and in capturing how the land was excavated and piled in conjunction with the construction. This image captures the scale of earth works against the exterior curved walls. 

Douglas Holleley image

Douglas Holleley (b. 1949)
View of site from southern approach, 1983,
Parliament House Art Collection, Canberra, ACT

Construction of New Parliament House began in 1981 with the pouring of the first concrete. Holleley captures the epic scale of the construction in 1983 with his image of the southern approach to the site.

Ed Douglas image
Ed Douglas image
Douglas Holleley image