Senate Occasional Lecture Series transcripts - 2003

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N.B. The following are the original transcripts provided by the lecturers. They have not been edited in anyway.

Date Presenter Title Transcript
31/10/03 Professor Barbara Caine 'Australian Suffragettes: Australian feminists and the British militant campaign' (PDF 56KB) (Word 72KB)
19/09/03 Professor Michael Coper The High Court and the Parliament: Partners in Law-Making, or Hostile Combatants? (Word 78KB)
22/08/03 Stuart Macintyre Alfred Deakin, A Centenary Tribute (Word 58KB)
20/06/03 Professor Michael Pusey An Australian Story: The Troubling Experience of Economic Reform (PDF 122KB)
30/05/03 Patrick Weller The Australian Public Service:
Still Anonymous, Neutral and a Career Service?
(Word 90KB)
28/03/03 Victorian Bicameralism Accountability or Representation? (PDF 219KB)
28/02/03 Stanley Bach A Delicate Balance: The Accidental Genius of Australian Politics: A View from Washington (PDF 168KB)