Senate Occasional Lecture Series transcripts and audio recordings - 2011

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Date Presenter Transcript Multimedia Audio Icon
 07/12/2011 Jon Stanhope Who’s Afraid of Human Rights? (PDF 334KB) (MP3 24MB)
(WMV 151MB)
Duration 1:00:28
18/11/2011 Kylie Scroope ‘Faithful Representations’ 100 years of the Historic Memorials Collection (PDF 816KB) (MP3 11MB)
(WMV 135MB)
Duration 55:47
14/10/2011 Ian McPhee The Evolving Role and Mandate of the ANAO Since Federation (PDF 369KB) (MP3 26MB)
(WMV 159MB)
Duration 1:03:41
23/09/2011 Peter Mares Temporary Migration and its Implications for Australia (PDF 787KB) (MP3 42MB)
(WMV 150MB)
Duration 1:00:10
05/08/2011 Mick Dodson Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians (PDF 156KB (MP3 24MB)
(WMV 149MB)
Duration 1:01:13
08/07/2011 Don Aitkin The Problem of Planned Cities: Canberra in Context (PDF 150KB) (MP3 26MB)
(WMV 161MB)
Duration 1:06:06
10/06/2011 Andrew Murray Budgets and Finance: Sunlight and the Dark Arts (PDF 141KB)

(WMV 154MB)
Duration 1:04:59

13/05/2011 Patrick Weller AO

Learning to be a Minister (PDF 99KB)

(MP3 12MB)
(WMV 154MB)
Duration 1:02:55
01/04/2011 Waleed Aly

Multiculturalism, Assimilation and the Politics of Terrorism (PDF 84KB)


(MP3 13MB)
(WMV 158MB)
Duration 1:04:43
11/03/2011 Dr John Barry After the Party, the Hangover: An Analysis of ‘Post-Celtic Tiger Ireland’ in the Light of the February 2011 Election (PDF 190KB) (MP3 24MB)
(WMV 152MB)
Duration 1:02:19
25/02/2011 Geoff Gallop AC How Healthy Is Australian Federalism? (PDF 74KB) (MP3 25MB)
(WMV 151MB)
Duration 1:01:58