Senate Occasional Lecture Series transcripts and audio recordings - 2009

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Date Presenter Transcript Multimedia Audio Icon
13/11/2009 Charles Sampford Parliament, Political Ethics and National Integrity Systems (MP3 28816KB)
(WMV 159MB)
Duration 1:10:10
28/08/2009 John Keane Media Decadence and Democracy (MP3 59703KB)
(WMV 159MB)
Duration 1:03:40
14/08/2009 Jonathan Pincus Commonwealth-State Financial Relations The Case For Competitive Federalism (MP3 14229KB)
Duration 1:00:41
24/07/2009 Harry Evans Time, Chance and Parliament Lessons from Forty Years (MP3 14805KB)
(WMV 164MB)
Duration 1:03:09
19/06/2009 Professor Margaret Reynolds Is There Life After Parliament? Reflections of a Former Senator (MP3 18117KB)
Duration 0:51:31
22/05/2009 Professor George Williams The Role of Parliament under and Australian Charter of Human Rights (MP3 24787KB)
Duration 1:00:26
24/04/2009 Professor John Dryzek The Australian Citizens' Parliament: a World First (MP3 58117KB)
Duration 1:01:59
03/04/2009 Dr Anne Twomey Cutting the Gordian Knot: Limiting Rather than Codifying the Powers of a Republican Head of State (MP3 43365KB)
Duration 1:01:40
06/03/2009 John Warhurst The Trajectory of the Australian Republic Debate (MP3 26907KB)
Duration 1:05:36