Senate Occasional Lecture Series transcripts and audio recordings - 2010

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Date Presenter Transcript Multimedia Audio Icon
03/12/2010 Dr David Headon Devotion, Daring and Sense of Destiny - Surveyors of the Early Commonwealth (MP3 24MB)
(WMV 149MB)
Duration 1:01:14
05/11/2010 Dr Meg Russell Strengthening the British House of Commons: The Unexpected Reforms of 2010 (MP3 28MB)
(WMV 153MB)
Duration 1:02:57
15/10/2010 Dr Scott Brenton Minority Government: Is the House of Representatives Finally Catching up with the Senate? (MP3 55MB)
(WMV 148MB)
Duration 1:00:41
17/09/2010 Andrew Hutson Square Peg in a Square Hole? Australia’s Parliament House

(MP3 21MB)
27/08/2010 The Hon Dr John Bannon The Disillusionment of Sir John Downer (MP3 11MB)
(WMV 138MB)
Duration 56:33
13/08/2010 Kathleen M. Burns The Pryor Perspective: Sharply to the Point (MP3 12MB)
Duration 52:32
23/07/2010 Dr David Burchell How Not to Do It: Lessons for Australia From the 2010 UK Elections (MP3 21MB)
(WMV 150MB)
Duration 59:45
21/05/2010 Professor Diana Dwyre
Elections, Money and Free Speech in the United States (MP3 24491KB)
(WMV 150MB)
Duration 1:01:10
23/04/2010 Professor Yvonne Galligan Thinking About Gender and Democracy (MP3 28251KB)
(WMV 150MB)
Duration 1:00:16
12/03/2010 David Day Andrew Fisher, Triumph and Tragedy (MP3 26776KB)
(WMV 159MB)
Duration 57:02