Selection of Bills Committee - Report No. 14 for 2018


Senator David Bushby (Government Whip, Chair)
Senator Brian Burston (United Australia Party Whip)
Senator Stirling Griff (Centre Alliance Whip)
Senator Peter Georgiou (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Whip)
Senator Derryn Hinch (Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party Whip)
Senator Rachel Siewert (Australian Greens Whip)
Senator Anne Urquhart (Opposition Whip)
Senator John Williams (The Nationals Whip)
Senator Fraser Anning
Senator the Hon Jacinta Collins
Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield
Senator Chris Ketter
Senator Dean Smith
Senator Tim Storer

Secretary: Rachel Callinan
6277 3020


REPORT NO. 14 OF 2018

Amended in the chamber on Thursday, 29 November 2018

  1. The committee met in private session on Wednesday, 28 November 2018 at 7.30 PM.
  2. The committee recommends that—
    1. the provisions of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Legislation Amendment (Streamlining Regulation) Bill 2018 be referred immediately to the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee for inquiry and report by 11 February 2019 (see appendix 1 for a statement of reasons for referral).
  3. The committee deferred consideration of the following bills to its next meeting:
    • Australian Cannabis Agency Bill 2018
    • Australian Research Council Amendment (Ensuring Research Independence) Bill 2018
    • Customs Amendment (Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement Implementation) Bill 2018
      Customs Tariff Amendment (Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement Implementation) Bill 2018
    • Electoral Legislation Amendment (Modernisation and Other Measures) Bill 2018
    • Future Drought Fund Bill 2018
      Future Drought Fund (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2018
    • Halal Certification Transitional Authority Bill 2018
    • Intelligence Services Amendment Bill 2018
    • Migration Amendment (Streamlining Visa Processing) Bill 2018
    • Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australia Fund Bill 2018
    • Social Services Legislation Amendment (Ending the Poverty Trap) Bill 2018
    • Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment (Supporting Retirement Incomes) Bill 2018.
  4. The committee considered the following bills but was unable to reach agreement (see appendix 2 for statements of reasons for proposed referrals):
    • Australian Citizenship Amendment (Strengthening the Citizenship Loss Provisions) Bill 2018
    • Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Legislation Amendment Bill 2018
    • National Integrity Commission Bill 2018
    • National Integrity (Parliamentary Standards) Bill 2018
    • Timor Sea Maritime Boundaries Treaty Consequential Amendments Bill 2018 and the Passenger Movement Charge Amendment (Timor Sea Maritime Boundaries Treaty) Bill 2018
    • Treasury Laws Amendment (Strengthening Corporate and Financial Sector Penalties) Bill 2018.


(David Bushby)
29 November 2018

Amendment is available in the PDF version of this document