Appendix 1

Appendix 1

Submissions received

Number               Submitter

1                             New Zealand Ministry of Transport

2                             Shipping Australia Limited

3                             Dale Cole and Associates Pty Ltd

4                             Company of Master Mariners

5                             Maritime Engineers Pty Ltd

6                             Navy League of Australia

7                             Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

8                             International Chamber of Shipping

9                             Australian Institute of Marine and Power Engineers

10                           Merchant Navy Association

11                           Australian Maritime Safety Authority

12                           Maritime Industry Australia Limited

13                           AI Group

14                           WWF Australia

15                           Minerals Council of Australia

16                           Australian Council of Mission to Seafarers Inc.

17                           RightShip Pty Ltd

18                           Captain Richard Howe

19                           Maritime Union of Australia

20                           Australian Maritime Officers Union

21                           Department of Immigration and Border Protection

22                           International Transport Workers' Federation - Australia

23                           Apostleship of the Sea

24                           Maritime Union of New Zealand

25                           International Transport Workers' Federation

Additional information received

Tabled documents

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