Dissenting Report by Government Senators O'Sullivan and Brockman

1.1        During hearings for this inquiry, a participating senator made a number of unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations on the public record, reflecting negatively on the conduct of the committee and its members. Since making these allegations, that senator has refused to provide any evidence in support of the claims made, nor has that senator withdrawn their comments. As a result, Government senators withdrew their participation from the inquiry.

1.2        Senate committees should reflect the composition of the Senate. The withdrawal of Government senators from this inquiry therefore calls into serious question the adequacy of representation on the committee, and whilst the committee continues to labour under the existence of serious allegations their work and their findings will be subject to question.

1.3     The Government Senators have absolute confidence in the conduct of all Senators participating in the enquiry with exception of the Senator making the allegations.

Senator Barry O’Sullivan                                     Senator Slade Brockman
Deputy Chair                                                           Senator for Western Australia

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