Practice of sports science in Australia

Practice of sports science in Australia

23 July 2013

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ISBN 978-1-74229-896-2

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Membership of the Committee (PDF 226KB)
Acronyms and Abbreviations (PDF 14KB)
List of Recommendations (PDF 7KB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF 261KB)

Inquiry terms of reference
Conduct of the inquiry
Scope of the inquiry
Sports governing bodies
Structure of this report

Chapter 2 - Sports science in Australia: definitional and practical concerns (PDF 88KB)

What is sports science?
The collaborative role of sports scientists
Support for, and criticism of, sports scientists
Committee's view

Chapter 3 - The duty of care and ethical obligations of sports scientists (PDF 71KB)

Duty of care of sports scientists to athletes
Ethical obligations of sports scientists in relation to protecting and promoting the spirit of sport
Committee's view

Chapter 4 - Committee's view (PDF 14KB)

Ethics and athlete welfare
Undefined problem
Lack of definition

Additional comments by Senator Richard Di Natale (PDF 250KB)

Structure of the additional comments
Chapter 5 - Developing a system of accreditation for sports scientists
   Current accreditation arrangements for sports scientists
   Accreditation in the United Kingdom
   Support for an accreditation regime in Australia
   The key elements of an Australian accreditation scheme
   A tiered system of accreditation
   Senator Di Natale's view

Chapter 6 - Regulatory options to enhance the oversight of sports scientists in Australia (PDF 110KB)

The current framework to regulate sports in Australia
Senator Di Natale's view on registration
Negative licencing schemes
An advisory group
External oversight body
Informed consent
Legislated protection of athlete health and welfare
Pre-employment/engagement statutory declarations

Chapter 7 - The role of boards and management in the oversight of sports scientists (PDF 149KB)

Ethical governance within teams
Ethical governance within sporting codes
A principles-based approach to effective corporate governance
Football in Australia
Olympic sports
Professional vs grassroots sports

Chapter 8 - Related matters (PDF 44KB)

The need for further information about the practice of sports science
The use of supplements
Life after sport

Chapter 9 - Concluding remarks (PDF 23KB)

Summary of additional comments

APPENDIX 1 - Submissions Received (PDF 11KB)
APPENDIX 2 - Public Hearings and Witnesses (PDF 16KB)
APPENDIX 3 - Australian Sports Commission: Sports Governance Principles* (PDF 706KB)
APPENDIX 4 - National Sporting Organisations recognised by the Australian Sports Commission (as at February 2012) (PDF 565KB)
APPENDIX 5 - NSO/NSOD 2012–13 Grants & Allocations (PDF 42KB)

*PDF format only

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