Public hearings and transcripts

Inquiry into into the investment of Commonwealth and State funds in public passenger transport infrastructure and services

Public hearings and transcripts

Date Location Programs Transcripts
03/03/2009 Brisbane, QLD (HTML format) (PDF 15KB) (PDF 636KB)
06/03/2009 Sydney, NSW (HTML format) (PDF 27KB) (PDF 725KB)
19/03/2009 Canberra, ACT (HTML format) (PDF 87KB) (PDF 338KB)
20/03/2009 Canberra, ACT (HTML format) (PDF 89KB) (PDF 340KB)
23/03/2009 Perth, WA (HTML format) (PDF 91KB) (PDF 710KB)
30/03/2009 Melbourne, VIC (HTML format) (PDF 91KB) (PDF 699KB)
31/03/2009 Hobart, TAS (HTML format) (PDF 90KB) (PDF 478KB)
09/06/2009 Canberra, ACT (HTML format) (PDF 141KB) (PDF 141KB)
20/07/2009 Ballarat, VIC (HTML format) (PDF 35KB) (PDF 340KB)
22/07/2009 Darwin, NT (HTML format) (PDF 16KB) (PDF 321KB)
23/07/2009 Adelaide, SA (HTML format) (PDF 36KB) (PDF 513KB)
31/07/2009 Teleconference (HTML format) (PDF 34KB) (PDF 158KB)

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