1.1        In November 2018, the President of the Senate, Senator the Honourable Scott Ryan, received a submission from Mr Ben Davies seeking redress under the resolution of the Senate of 25 February 1988 relating to the protection of persons referred to in the Senate (Privilege Resolution 5).

1.2        The submission referred to comments made about him in the Senate by Senator Watt on 13 November 2018. The President accepted the submission and referred it to the Committee of Privileges.

1.3        The committee met and, pursuant to paragraph (3) of Privilege Resolution 5, decided to consider the submission. The terms of the response, which the committee now recommends for incorporation in Hansard, have been agreed to by Mr Davies and the committee in accordance with Resolution 5(7)(b). In his reply Mr Davies included reference to comments made by Senator Cameron on 12 and 14 February 2019 and Senator Wong on 13 February 2019 relating to the same matter.

1.4        The committee draws attention to paragraph 5(6) of the resolution which requires that, in considering a submission under this resolution and reporting to the Senate, the committee shall not consider or judge the truth of any statements made in the Senate or in the submission.

1.5        The committee recommends:

That a response prepared by Mr Ben Davies in the terms specified at Appendix 1, be incorporated in Hansard.

Senator Deborah O'Neill

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