Senate Standing Committee of Privileges

Completed inquiries and reports
2010 - 2013

Report no. Title Date tabled
154th Report Persons referred to in the Senate Ms Deborah Hegarty and Mr Peter Ross Hegarty 24 June 2013
153rd Report Guidance for officers giving evidence and providing information 24 June 2013
152nd Report
Possible unauthorised disclosure of the draft report of the Select Committee on Electricity Prices 14 May 2013
151st Report
Possible imposition of a penalty on, or interference with, a witness before the Rural Affairs and Transport References Committee 22 March 2012
150th Report
Whether there was any improper influence in relation to political donations made by
Mr Graeme Wood and questions without notice asked by Senator Bob Brown and
Senator Milne
19 March 2012
149th Report Person referred to in the Senate: Mr Henry Ergas 7 November 2011
148th Report Person referred to in the Senate: Mr Ian Lazar 13 October 2011
147th Report Person referred to in the Senate: Reverend Monsignor Ian Dempsey 22 September 2011