122nd Report

Parliamentary privilege — unauthorised disclosure of committee proceedings

21 June 2005

© Commonwealth of Australia 2005
ISSN 1038-9857
ISBN 0 642 71542 4

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Members of the Committee
(PDF 53KB)
Chapter One – Unauthorised disclosure – basis of inquiry
(PDF 59KB)

Debate on reference to Committee of Privileges
Conduct of inquiry

Chapter Two – Unauthorised disclosure – practice in other legislatures and summary of evidence
(PDF 257KB)
Australian responses
   House of Representatives
   New South Wales
   South Australia
   Western Australia
   Australian Capital Territory
   Northern Territory
International responses
   European Parliament
   New Zealand
   United Kingdom
   United States of America
Summary of submissions and oral evidence presented to Committee of Privileges
Chapter Three – Comment, conclusions and recommendations
(PDF 140KB)
Purpose of confidentiality
Role of the media
   Attitudes to confidentiality of documents
   Where responsibility lies
Rules governing unauthorised disclosure
Material to be protected
   Committee proceedings
   Draft reports
Nature of offences
   Strict and absolute liability offences
   Reversing the onus of proof
In camera evidence
Treatment of submissions
Committee proceedings
Draft reports
   Consultation with Committee of Privileges
   Parliamentary committee decisions about receiving in camera evidence
   Deliberations and draft reports
Subsidiary matters
   Publication of minutes and other committee proceedings and documents
   Proper identification of parliamentary committee documents
Appendix 1
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Appendix 2
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Appendix 3
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