Appendix 2


Thursday, 22 August 2019
Committee Room 2S3
Parliament House
Law Council of Australia
Ms Georgina Costello, Chair, Law Council Migration Law Committee
Refugee Council of Australia (ROCA)
Ms Rebecca Eckard, Director of Policy and Research
Mr Amir Taghinia, Community advocate
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
Dr Carolyn Graydon, Principal Solicitor
Refugee Legal
Mr David Manne, Executive Director
Australian Lawyers for Human Rights
Ms Jessica Bayley, Chair, Refugee Rights Subcommittee
Amnesty International
Dr Graham Thom, Refugee Adviser
Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law
Ms Madeline Gleeson, Senior Research Associate
Liberty Victoria
Mr Greg Hanson, Senior Lawyer, Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law
NSW Council for Civil Liberties
Dr Martin Bibby, Committee member
Australian Human Rights Commission
Mr Edward Santow, Human Rights Commissioner
Ms Alice McBurney, Specialist Adviser for Immigration
Department of Home Affairs
Major General Craig Furini, AM, CSC, Commander, Joint Agency Task Force Operation Sovereign Borders
Ms Alana Sullivan, Senior Assistant Secretary - Regional Processing and Resettlement
Mr Michael Willard, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Immigration and Community Protection Policy
Ms Pip De Veau, First Assistant Secretary, Legal
Mr David Wilden, First Assistant Secretary – International Policy Division

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