Joint statement by the Presiding Officers on building operations at the Australian Parliament House 2021

Issue date: Monday, 10 May 2021

Changes to the ACT Government’s COVID restrictions have allowed a further easing of the measures in place at Australian Parliament House.

The multi-purpose courts (netball and basketball) are now available to Health and Recreation Centre (HRC) members for bookings. The Senate Oval will reopen for bookings from 10 May 2021 following current lawn maintenance activities and contact sports are now allowed.

Booking organisers must complete a COVID Safe Plan (a simple check list of COVID Safe measures), which must be returned to the HRC team for all multi-purpose court and Senate Oval bookings. APH has put in place COVID Safe measures consistent with the ACT Government’s guidance.

Self-service catering is again permitted for events in the building. For DPS managed events, there will be regular cleaning, monitoring of physical distancing and a COVID Marshal to assist. For non-DPS events, organisers will need to have a COVID Safe Plan in place as required by the COVID Safe event protocols. The Check-In CBR app will also be used.

Use of the Check-In CBR app means the number of people going to non-parliamentary events and the number using the Theatrettes can be increased. 

All visitors to the public entrance to the building should use the Check-in CBR app on arrival and if attending Queen’s Terrace Café (QTC). Visits by the public to Parliament House continue to be managed through booked tours. 

COVID safe measures such as physical distancing markers and availability of hand sanitiser remain in place in line with ACT Government guidelines. Other COVID Safe measures continue to ensure the health and safety of visitors and those working within Parliament House:

  • COVID Safe information, including reminding people who are unwell or have been in a COVID hotspot 14-days prior, not to visit Parliament House
  • collection of contact details upon visitor booking to facilitate contact tracing, if necessary
  • single-flow movement of people and physical distancing monitored by tour guides, and
  • additional cleaning of high-touch points throughout the building.

Conduct of parliamentarians and essential staff travelling from interstate

At all times Senators, Members and staff should follow the advice of health authorities regarding the need to seek medical advice and treatment. Up-to-date official information is available at ACT Health.

Please do not travel to Canberra if you are unwell.

All travellers should check the ACT Health website regarding restrictions on those who have visited designated areas.

All persons visiting the ACT should make themselves familiar with the latest health advice applying in the ACT jurisdiction at ACT Health FAQs restrictions.