Administrative Decisions (Effect of International Instruments) Bill 1995


Details of Meetings and Witnesses

PUBLIC HEARING: 14 September 1995

Commenced: 9.14 am, Sitting suspended: 11.49 am to 12.05 pm, Adjourned: 1.54 pm

Venue: Department of Finance, Training Room 1, Ground Floor, 207 Kent Street, Sydney

Attendance: Committee Members

Senator B Cooney (Chair)

Senator S Spindler (Deputy Chair)

Senator C Ellison

Senator J McKiernan

Senator B Neal


Amnesty International Australia

Mr Matthew Zagor, Refugee and Research Officer

Attorney-General's Department

Mr Henry Burmester, Acting Chief General Counsel

Mr William Campbell, Acting Principal International Law Counsel

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr Robert Brent Davis, Director, Trade and Policy Research

Australian Law Reform Commission

Mr Alan Rose, President

Mr Michael Ryland, Commissioner

Ms Susanne Tongue, Deputy President

Defence of Children International (Australia)

Ms Helen Bayes, National Convenor

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Ms Jan Linehan, Acting Legal Adviser

Justice Elizabeth Evatt

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

Mr Mick Dodson, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner

Mr Christopher Sidoti, Human Rights Commissioner

International Commission of Jurists

Dr Steven Churches

Law Council of Australia

Mr Clarence Stevens, Member, Administrative Law Committee

National Children's and Youth Law Centre

Mr Robert Ludbrook, Director

Mr Richard Newby

Public Interest Advocacy Centre

Ms Amanda Cornwall, Policy Officer

Victorian Council for Civil Liberties

Mr Joseph O'Reilly, Executive Director

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