Appendix 4

Appendix 4

Previous interim reports[1]

Health Committee's first interim report

The committee's first interim report was tabled on 2 December 2014.[2] That report detailed the committee's findings and conclusions at that time, focussing on issues raised during the committee's hearings and through submissions. Key areas of focus in the first report were:

Second interim report

The committee's second interim report was tabled on 24 June 2015.[3] That report encompassed the committee's findings regarding the government's primary healthcare and general practice policies. In particular the report was a record of the government's frequent changes of policy since the 2014-15 Budget. The second interim report focused specifically on:

Third interim report

The committee's third interim report was tabled on 17 September 2015.[4] That report examined the government's proposed privatisation of Australian Hearing and the National Acoustics Laboratories. The proposal was originally recommended by the National Commission of Audit in February 2014.[5] In the 2014-15 Budget the government allocated funding for a scoping study for the proposed privatisation of Australian Hearing.[6] The 2015-16 Budget included the postponement of a decision on the scoping study, pending further consultation.[7]

The third interim report outlined the evidence taken at the 10 July 2015 public hearing and the related written submissions made by witnesses. It also examined:

Fourth interim report

The committee's fourth interim report was tabled on 8 October 2015. That report examined mental health issues in the context of the National Mental Health Commission's National Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services Report and the pending government response. The report included six chapters:

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