Submissions received by the Committee as at 16 February 2010

Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network

Submissions received by the Committee as at 16 February 2010

Sub No. Submitter
42 Professor Joshua Gans (PDF 497KB)
43 Mr Serge Jean Noel Perombelon (PDF 17KB)
44 Optical Network Engineering (PDF 28KB)
45 Mr Malcolm Moore (PDF 85KB)
45a Mr Malcolm Moore (PDF 40KB)
45b Mr Malcolm Moore (PDF 55KB)
46 Australian Institute for Commercialisation (PDF 63KB)
47 Professor Trevor Barr (PDF 49KB)
48 The Hon. Bob Such MP (PDF 242KB)
49 Creative Commons Clinic (PDF 132KB)
50 Southern Cross Equities Ltd Inc (PDF 157KB)
51 Alcatel-Lucent (PDF 473KB)
52 Business Council of Australia (PDF 179KB)
53 Optus (PDF 118KB)
54 National e-Health Transition Authority (PDF 1201KB)
55 C-COR Broadband (PDF 767KB)
56 Market Clarity (PDF 100KB)
57 Australian Information Industry Association (PDF 134KB)
58 Indigenous Remote Communications Association (PDF 52KB)
59 Vernet (PDF 71KB)
60 Mr Richard Hockey (PDF 4KB)
61 Energy Networks Association Ltd (PDF 49KB)
62 Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) (PDF 403KB)
63 Mr Russell Barkus (PDF 48KB)
64 INTELSAT Asia Pty Ltd (PDF 511KB)
65 Australian Federation of Deaf Societies (AFDS) (PDF 464KB)
66 Australian Industry Group (PDF 40KB)
67 Fibre to the Home Council Asia Pacific (FTTH) (PDF 419KB)
67a Fibre to the Home Council Asia Pacific (FTTH) (PDF 6176KB)
68 Mr Patrick Kelso (PDF 8KB)
70 Office of the Privacy Commissioner (PDF 62KB)
71 Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) (PDF 74KB)
72 Australian Institute of Family Studies (PDF 466KB)
73 AUSTAR United Communications Ltd (PDF 275KB)
74 Australian Office of Financial Management (PDF 273KB)
75 Australian Local Government Association (PDF 34KB)
76 Deutsche Bank Australia (PDF 536KB)
77 Standards Australia (PDF 44KB)
78 Government of Western Australia Department of Commerce (PDF 70KB)
79 AusCERT (PDF 413KB)
80 CSIRO (PDF 1816KB)
81 Infrastructure Partnerships Australia (PDF 826KB)
82 O3b Networks (PDF 428KB)
83 Google (PDF 95KB)
84 Mr Francis Young (PDF 4KB)
85 Northern Territory Department of Business and Employment (PDF 298KB)
86 Bullseye (PDF 2939KB)
87 Productivity Commission (PDF 635KB)
88 AC3 Australian Centre for Advanced Computing and Communications (PDF 328KB)
89 ACT Chief Minister (PDF 403KB)
90 Axia NetMedia (PDF 173KB)
91 iSoft Group Ltd (PDF 256KB)
92 Mr Kevin Morgan (PDF 100KB)
93 WA Minister for Commerce (PDF 82KB)
94 Dr Ross Kelso and Mr Peter Downey (PDF 463KB)
95 Cables Downunder (PDF 64KB); Attachment A (PDF 735KB)
95a Supplementary submissions (PDF 8KB)
95b Supplementary submissions (PDF 33KB)
95c Supplementary submissions (PDF 77KB)
96 The Haberfield Association Inc (PDF 76KB)
97 Senetas (PDF 153KB)
98 Adelaide Hills Regional Development (PDF 897KB)
99 Henry Ergas and Alex Robson (PDF 835KB)
100 Eckermann & Associates (PDF 49KB)
100a Eckermann & Associates  (PDF 33KB)
101a Mr David Fagan (PDF 42KB)
101b Mr David Fagan (PDF 9KB)

Mr Wijitha Gunaratne (PDF 16KB)

103 Urban Taskforce Australia (PDF 84KB)
103a Urban Taskforce Australia (PDF 108KB)
104 Mr Michael Blake Roet (PDF 4690KB)
105 Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd (PDF 578KB)
106 Optical Network Engineering (PDF 1638KB)

Business Council of Australia (PDF 108KB)

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