Terms of Reference

Inquiry into matters relating to the Torres Strait region

Terms of Reference

The administration and management of matters relating to Australia's northern air, sea and land approaches in the region of the Torres Strait, including:
(a)  the provisions of the Torres Strait Treaty;
(b) the role of the Torres Strait Regional Authority in respect of treaty and border issues, including how the authority interacts with the governments and people of Papua New Guinea (PNG);
(c)  the extent of cooperation with, and between, Australia's northern neighbours, PNG and Indonesia, in relation to the health, welfare and security of the Torres Strait region and communities in and around this region; and

(d)  the challenges facing this region in relation to:
(i)  the management of fisheries,

(ii)  the contribution of international trade and commerce to regional economic sustainability,

(iii)  the maintenance of strong border security across the Torres Strait region, including but not limited to, issues related to Australia's defence, bio-security, public health, immigration and customs,

(iv)  cooperation between federal, state and local levels of government, and

(v)  air, sea and land transport linkages.

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