Submissions received by the Committee

Provisions of the Criminal Code Amendment (Cluster Munitions Prohibition) Bill 2010

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1Ms Sally McGushin (PDF 86KB) 
2Mr Willy Bach (PDF 73KB) 
3Australian Network to Ban Landmines and Cluster Munitions (PDF 309KB) 
3ASupplementary Submission A(PDF 441KB) 
4Australian Council of Super Investors (PDF 74KB) 
4ASupplementary Submission A(PDF 24KB) 
5Mr Robert Rands (PDF 259KB) 
6Aotearoa New Zealand Cluster Munitions Coalition (PDF 264KB) 
7Human Rights Watch and International Human Rights Clinic, Harvard Law School (PDF 404KB) 
7ASupplementary Submission A(PDF 300KB) 
8Uniting Church of Australia - Synod of Victoria and Tasmania (PDF 69KB) 
9International Committee of the Red Cross (PDF 2350KB) 
10Quaker Peace and Justice Committee (PDF 1421KB) 
11CBM Australia (PDF 1801KB) 
12Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA (PDF 360KB) 
13Afghan Landmine Survivors' Organization (PDF 199KB) 
14Oxfam Australia (PDF 160KB) 
15Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia) (PDF 233KB) 
16Name Withheld (PDF 111KB) 
17Act for Peace (PDF 216KB) 
18Australian Pugwash Group Inc. (PDF 44KB) 
19Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (PDF 84KB) 
19ASupplementary Submission A(PDF 51KB) 
20Law Council of Australia (PDF 126KB) 
21Australian Red Cross (PDF 73KB) 
22Cluster Munition Coalition (PDF 50KB) 
23Ms Merilyn Bertram (PDF 810KB) 
24Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Defence and the Attorney-General (PDF 2350KB) 
25Dr Adrian von der Borch (PDF 10KB) 
26Dr Jeff Baker (PDF 1327KB) 
27Mrs Helen Stanger (PDF 38KB) 
28Mr Mike Sprange and others (PDF 75KB) Attachment 1(PDF 547KB) 
29Just Peace Queensland Inc. (PDF 1551KB) 

Form Letters Received

1Attachment includes form letter and list of submitters(PDF 24KB) 

Additional Information Received

1Attorney-General's Department(PDF 58KB) 
2Department of Defence(PDF 4408KB) 
3Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade(PDF 110KB) 
4Cluster Munition Coalition, Capturing the legacy. The journey to ban cluster munitions through the eyes of six photographers(PDF 18KB) 
5Mr N.A.J. Taylor(PDF 589KB) 
6Cluster Munition Coalition, Global Ban on Cluster Munitions, Inside footage from behind the lines, A short film by John Rodsted (WMV) 

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