Appendix 5 - Annex A: APEC trade facilitation achievements

Appendix 5 - Annex A: APEC trade facilitation achievements

Faster customs clearances through direct electronic communication with Customs authorities without paperwork.

Standard procedures for more consistent and transparent customs valuations of traded goods.

Improved electronic access to markets for business and commitment to a goal of paperless trading by 2005 for developed and 2010 for developing economies, or as soon as possible thereafter.

Simpler business travel with multiple entry visas, internet visa information and visa-free short-term entry via APEC Business Travel Card.

Alignment of domestic standards with international standards for goods such as radios, televisions, videos, refrigerators, air-conditioners, rubber gloves and food labelling, by 2005.

Lower cost of trade in electrical goods such as computers, toasters, televisions, radios and power-tools through a single test for conformity assessments.

Lower cost of trade in telecommunications goods such as phones, faxes, modems, PABXs and radio transmitters worth an estimated $US 50 billion per year, through a single test for conformity assessments.

Simplified negotiation of telecommunications contracts and easier commercial access to telecommunications networks.

Better informed investment decisions in energy infrastructure through the Manual of Best Practice Principles for Independent Power Producers and the Natural Gas Initiative.

Instant market access information for architects, engineers and accountants.

Less wastage and shorter transport times for fresh seafood.

Transparent Y2K preparedness, risk assessment and contingency planning.

Internet access to information on tariffs, investment, e-commerce, intellectual property, business travel, government procurement, business opportunities, marine ports and labour markets.

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