Recommendation—Chapter 3, page 59

The Committee recommends that the Australian Government work to have APEC adopt a position of:

  1. accepting new members only after they have demonstrated their support for APEC policies and goals by voluntarily complying with APEC obligations (including submission and annual updating of Individual Action Plans) for two years;
  2. granting observer status to potential new members which meet their APEC obligations;
  3. allowing greater participation in APEC’s work program by potential new members; and
  4. providing assistance to potential new members to adopt APEC policies, goals and obligations.

Recommendation—Chapter 5, page 111

The Committee recommends that the Australian Government, while giving primacy to APEC’s trade and investment liberation and facilitation agenda, also support the social agenda that will assist all areas of the populations of APEC’s member economies to benefit from the realisation of APEC’s long-term goals.

The Committee recommends that the Australian Government support formal status for non-business NGOs within the APEC structure.

Recommendation—Chapter 7, page 143

The Committee recommends that a publication on trade facilitation and economic and technical cooperation be produced as a companion to the publication Trade Liberalisation: Opportunities for Australia.

The Committee further recommends that this publication cover not only the achievements in the area of trade facilitation but also the difficulties in identifying and removing the non-tariff barriers.

Recommendation—Chapter 7, page 155

The Committee recommends that the Australian Government actively encourage business, institutions and associations, such as National Association of Testing Authorities, to continue their efforts to identify specific areas where Australia can best contribute to facilitating trade and investment in the APEC region and to support them in their efforts to carry forward their ideas and initiatives.

Recommendation—Chapter 8, page 179

The Committee recommends that the Australian Government initiate and support moves in APEC to give greater attention to development cooperation programs.

Recommendation—Chapter 9, page 219

The Committee recommends that every endeavour should be made to build on Australia’s strong reputation in the region and to further develop its standing as ‘a natural partner’ in the Asia Pacific basin.

Recommendation—Chapter 10, page 233

The Committee endorses the APEC Study Centre’s recommendation that ‘the Australian Parliament give priority to promoting research and international exchange activities in the academic sector to improve understanding of APEC issues’.

Recommendation—Chapter 10, pages 233–34

The Committee recommends that Government review the funding arrangement for AUSPECC to ensure its viability as a dynamic research organisation with an extensive network reaching into both the academic and business community and to maintain and further enhance its status as a leading research body in the region.

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