Report Part II: Incidents onboard HMAS Success between March and May 2009 and subsequent events

Report Part II: Incidents onboard HMAS Success between March and May 2009 and subsequent events

22 September 2011

© Commonwealth of Australia 2011
ISBN 978-1-74229-521-3

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Members of the committee (PDF 7KB)
Acronyms and abbreviations (PDF 9KB)
Committee recommendations (PDF 19KB)
Chapter 1 - Inquiry into incidents that occurred onboard HMAS Success (PDF 32KB)

Referral of inquiry and terms of reference
Conduct of inquiry
Part One—HMAS Success Commission of Inquiry
Part Two—HMAS Success Commission of Inquiry
Limitations to the committee's inquiry

Chapter 2 - The landing of the senior sailors in Singapore (PDF 60KB)

Reports of unacceptable behaviour—a cultural issue
Outside assistance
Equity and Diversity (E&D) team
E&D Health Check Report
Decision to land sailors in Singapore
Circumstances and manner of the landing

Chapter 3 - Inquiries and investigations following landing of senior sailors (PDF 83KB)

Quick assessment into alleged improper conduct
Investigations and inquiries in Singapore

Chapter 4 - The senior sailors in Sydney (PDF 105KB)

Return to Garden Island, Sydney
Sailors status unchanged, new CO Success
Reports of a 'sex scandal'

Chapter 5 - Seeking answers (PDF 82KB)

15 July—request for statement of reasons
The Wark inquiry—progress
15 July—joint complaint
Request to rescind order not to contact members of the ship's crew

Chapter 6 - Inquiry Officer Inquiry and Routine Inquiry (PDF 107KB)

Wark report findings—20 August 2009
Statement of reasons—11 September 2009
Continued efforts to obtain evidential basis for potential adverse findings
Rescinding the order preventing the senior sailors accessing Success
23 October 2009—Routine Inquiry (Houston report)
26 November—Notices to show cause
30 November—ROGs

Chapter 7 - Wark inquiry set aside (PDF 98KB)

Administrative inquiries
Wark inquiry
Procedural fairness

Chapter 8 - Sailors' legal representation and chain of command (PDF 63KB)

Alleged undue influence on the senior sailors' legal representative
Disagreement with Fleet Legal over role
Proposed posting to Western Australia 
Media report—October 2009

Chapter 9 - Conclusion (PDF 46KB)

Disciplinary system—ADFIS
Administrative system
What went wrong

Appendix 1 - Terms of reference (PDF 10KB)
Appendix 2 - Selected findings taken from the Wark Inquiry (PDF 18KB)

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