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Annual reports (No. 2 of 2018)

Report on Annual Reports (No. 2 of 2018)

11 September 2018

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16 August 2018

This is the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee's (the committee) second report on annual reports for 2018.

Under Standing Order 25(20), the annual reports of departments, agencies and statutory office holders within the Defence Portfolio, including veterans' Affairs, and the Foreign Affairs and Trade Portfolio1 are referred to the committee for examination and assessment.

Senate Standing Order 25(20) (f) requires the committee to report on annual reports tabled by 30 April each year by the tenth sitting day after 30 June of that year. Annual reports presented within this timeframe can be examined in the committee's second report on annual reports for that year. However, in its first report for 2018, which was tabled on 20 March 2018, the committee decided to examine and report on all annual reports which had been presented in the Parliament and referred to the committee up until 28 February 2018, the time of preparation of that report. It is noted that no further relevant reports were presented to the Parliament and referred to the committee after 28 February 2018 and up until 30 April 2018.

It was noted by the committee in its first report of 2018 that all reports examined, adequately met the respective reporting requirements and were considered to be apparently satisfactory.2


Senator Linda Reynolds CSC

1   For allocation of portfolios to standing committees, see Journals of the Senate, No. 2, 31 August 2016, pp 75-76.

2   Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee, Annual Reports (No. 1 of 2018), p. 13.