Product Stewardship Bill 2011

Product Stewardship Bill 2011

9 May 2011

© Commonwealth of Australia 2011
ISBN 978-1-74229-447-6

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Committee membership (PDF 7KB)
Recommendations (PDF 16KB)
Abbreviations (PDF 7KB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF 18KB)

Referral to the committee
Purpose of the bill
Report structure

Chapter 2 - Background (PDF 59KB)

Australia's waste is increasing in volume, complexity and toxicity[1]
Responsibility for waste policy in Australia
Australia's international obligations and current Commonwealth legislative framework
The National Waste Policy
Product stewardship as part of the National Waste Policy
Definition of product stewardship
Outline of the bill
Committee comment

Chapter 3 - Key issues (PDF 100KB)

Committee comment
List of priority products
Committee comment
Advisory panel
Committee comment
Relationship with state and territory laws
Committee comment
Objects of the Act
Committee comment
Committee comment
Other matters
Committee comment

Coalition Senators' additional comments (PDF 35KB)

Coalition Senators' recommendations
Coalition Senators' comments
Objects of the bill
Coverage of the bill – what is not covered?
Coverage of the bill – where does industry start?
Coverage of the bill – insufficient checks or balances
Criteria too broad to 'filter' much
Trademark issues – late submission

Appendix 1 - Submissions, tabled documents, additional information and answers to questions taken on notice (PDF 9KB)

Tabled documents
Additional information
Answers to questions taken on notice

Appendix 2 - Public hearings (PDF 7KB)
Appendix 3 - Assessment process for a class of product to be covered by a product stewardship scheme under the Act[1] (PDF 9KB)
Appendix 4 - Product Stewardship Australia and Australian Information Industry Association* (PDF 356KB)

* Only available in PDF

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