Submissions received

Inquiry into the sexualisation of children in the contemporary media environment

Submissions received

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Sub No.
1 The committee received correspondence to its inquiry in the form of standard letters. Examples of the letters, and a list of persons from whom this correspondence was received, can be viewed here: (PDF 78KB)
1a The committee also received correspondence to its inquiry in the form of the same standard letter with additional individual comments.
This correspondence was received from: (PDF 38KB)
2 Mrs Dhiree Raniga (PDF 5KB)
3 Mrs Karen Trojan (PDF 8KB)
4 Mr Stuart Torrance (PDF 6KB)
5 Mr Ian Mitaxa (PDF 5KB)
6 Mr Peter Van der Linden (PDF 4KB)
7 Mr Lee Matthews (PDF 4KB)
8 Ms Faye Galbraith (PDF 15KB)
9 Ms Jacque Galloway (PDF 16KB)
10 Ms Rachel Oliver-Peel (PDF 12KB)
11 Ms Ethel Hotchkin (PDF 12KB)
12 Ms May and Mr John Forrest (PDF 11KB)
13 Ms Kim Burnet (PDF 17KB)
14 Mrs Jan and Mr Kevin Lewis (PDF 10KB)
15 Mr Sean T Cahillane (PDF 14KB)
16 The Australia Institute Ltd (PDF 94KB); Attachment 1: Corporate Paedophilia: Sexualisation of children in Australia (PDF 2798KB); Attachment 2: Letting Children Be Children: Stopping the sexualisation of children in Australia (PDF 173KB); Attachment 3: Report of the American Psychological Association Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls (PDF 409KB)
17 Ms Naomi Gloria Harley (PDF 19KB)
18 Confidential
19 Name Withheld (PDF 12KB)
20 Mr Richard M Perin (PDF 12KB)
21 Mr Graham and Mrs Carol Phillips (PDF 1550KB)
22 Ms Robyn Grace (PDF 20KB)
23 Ms Kyla Miller (PDF 17KB)
24 Mrs Denise den-Bakker (PDF 15KB)
25 Commercial Radio Australia (PDF 104KB)
26 Ms Bette Lyra (PDF 11KB)
27 Ms Carol Keutmann (PDF 13KB)
28 Ms J H (PDF 11KB)
29 Mrs Leslie McCawley (PDF 11KB)
30 Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney (PDF 37KB)
31 Ms Margaret McDonald (PDF 37KB)
32 Ms Nicole T G Bristow (PDF 13KB)
33 Mrs Bernadette O'Connor (PDF 12KB)
34 Ms Debra Black (PDF 26KB)
35 Mrs Renee Leach (PDF 23KB)
36 Mr Warwick and Mrs Josie Drew (PDF 25KB)
37 Festival of Light Australia (PDF 133KB)
38 Mrs Margaret Macdonald (PDF 11KB)
39 SHine SA (PDF 38KB)
40 Name Withheld (PDF 15KB)
41 Open Doors Counselling & Educational Services (PDF 28KB)
42 Mrs Cath Nohlmans (PDF 19KB)
43 Mrs Maureen James (PDF 84KB)
44 Mrs Eileen Hanrahan (PDF 1041KB)
45 Mrs Mary Flanagan (PDF 683KB)
46 Ms Mary Harrold (PDF 11KB)
47 Ms Leanne Nicholson (PDF 30KB)
48 Ms Glenda Dennler (PDF 15KB)
49 Mr Jonathan and Mrs Renee Dillon (PDF 13KB)
50 Mr Alan and Mrs Susan Johnson (PDF 26KB)
51 Mrs Norma O'Loughlin (PDF 412KB)
52 Ms Mary Carolan (PDF 11KB)
53 Ms Kym Keady (PDF 23KB)
54 Mr Brent and Mrs Kathy Ducker (PDF 17KB)
55 Australian Children's Television Foundation with attachment Children's Television Standards Review (PDF 585KB)
56 Mr Gerry Sertori (PDF 12KB)
57 Dr Nicole Myers (PDF 20KB)
58 Mr Peter Feltoe (PDF 14KB)
59 Mr Ian Bell (PDF 11KB)
60 Ms Anthea Patterson (PDF 12KB)
61 Ms Pam Andreallo (PDF 12KB)
62 Ms Myree Cabarles (PDF 417KB)
63 Kids Free 2B Kids (PDF 1079KB)
Response from Kittens (PDF 683KB)
Response from Advanced Medical Institute (PDF 5257KB)
Response from Bras N Things (PDF 22KB)
Response from Holeproof (PDF 10KB)
Response from Target (Revised) (PDF 152KB)
See also Submission 130 from Pacific Magazines and ACP Magazines
63A Kids Free 2B Kids (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 196KB)
64 Ms Grace Judd (PDF 4KB)
65 Mrs Debbie Gadd (PDF 5KB)
66 Mrs Corrina Fairweather (PDF 14KB)
67 Ms Justine Edward (PDF 9KB)
Response from MGAe (Bratz Dolls) (PDF 5KB)
68 Australian Association of National Advertisers (PDF 144KB); Attachment 1 - AANA Code for Advertising & Marketing Communications to Children (PDF 72KB); Attachment 2 - The Role and Value of Advertising (PDF 314KB); Attachment 3 - WFA-UDA Study on Advertising and Economic Growth (PDF 481KB); Attachment 4 - AANA Advertising and Economic Growth Booklet (PDF 2197KB)
69 Women in Sport Media Group (PDF 102KB)
70 Mrs Jane and Mr Chris Clark (PDF 4KB)
71 Mr Peter Dolan (PDF 4KB)
72 Mr Ken and Mrs Judy Seach (PDF 4KB)
73 Mr Greg Byrne (PDF 4KB)
74 Mrs Jill Ireland (PDF 5KB)
75 Mr Peter Murphy (PDF 4KB)
76 Bravehearts Inc (PDF 123KB)
77 Tasmanian State School Parents & Friends Inc (PDF 42KB)
78 Mrs Patricia Craven (PDF 6KB)
79 Mr Trevor Thomas and Mrs Jude Powell Thomas (PDF 28KB)
80 Ms Maurine Wearne (PDF 4KB)
81 Mrs Rebecca and Mr David Field (PDF 3KB)
82 Mr Gerard and Mrs Andrea Calilhanna (PDF 23KB)
83 Ms Jolanda Challita (PDF 5KB)
84 Mr Bradley Hooper (PDF 4KB)
85 Mr Spero Katos (PDF 4KB)
86 Commissioner for Children and Young People Western Australia (PDF 181KB)
87 Ms Dina Fernandez (PDF 3KB)
88 Ms Rosalind Hecker (PDF 7KB)
89 Advertising Standards Bureau (PDF 309KB); Attachment A - AANA Code of Ethics (PDF 62KB); Attachment B - AANA Code for Advertising and Marketing Communications to Children (PDF 72KB); Attachment C - Advertising Standards Bureau 2007 Statistics (PDF 51KB); Attachment D - Case Report (Complaint reference number 188/06) (PDF 211KB); Attachment E - Case Report (Complaint Reference Number 286/05) (PDF 213KB; Attachment F - Case Report (Complaint Reference Number 52/08) (PDF 72KB); Attachment G - Case Report (Complaint Reference Number 420/06) (PDF 227KB); Attachment H - Profiles of current board members (PDF 213KB); Attachment I - Advertising Standards Board Complaints Process (PDF 143KB); Attachment J - Independent Review Process (PDF 70KB)
89A Advertising Standards Bureau (PDF 95KB); Attachment - ASB Releases World First Research (PDF 261KB)
90 Sexual Health and Family Planning Australia Inc (PDF 38KB)
91 Br Christopher Greck (PDF 116KB)
92 Mrs Raema J Walker (PDF 278KB)
93 Mr Paul and Mrs Brenda Hoffman (PDF 14KB)
94 Family Planning Queensland (PDF 34KB)
95 Mr Malcolm and Mrs Rosemary Pryor (PDF 11KB)
96 Catholic Women's League Tasmania Inc (PDF 27KB)
97 The Most Reverend Dr Philip Freier, Archbishop of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne (PDF 76KB)
98 Associate Professor Alan McKee (revised) (PDF 156KB)
99 Ms Lisa Gaston (PDF 50KB)
100 Ms Liz Spicer (PDF 14KB)
101 Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA) (PDF 80KB); Attachment 1 - Children's Television Standards 2005 (PDF 252KB); Attachment 2 - Australian Writers Guild and SPAA Joint Submission to ACMA's Children's Television Standards Review August 2007 (PDF 389KB); Attachment 3 -SPAA submission to ACMA Review on Reality Television Programming February 2007 (PDF 162KB)
102 Child Safety Commissioner, State Government Victoria (PDF 130KB)
103 Ms Louise Nott (PDF 13KB)
104 Mr Fred and Mrs Mary Mauloni (PDF 401KB)
105 National Council of Women of Australia Inc Ltd (PDF 137KB)
106 Mr David Westaway (PDF 12KB)
107 Mrs Lennyce Westaway (PDF 11KB)
108 CWL Victoria & Wagga Wagga Inc (PDF 26KB)
109 Australian Childhood Foundation (PDF 268KB)
110 Ms Jenny McDonald (PDF 12KB)
111 Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (PDF 84KB)
112 Human Rights Commission (PDF 68KB)
113 Media Standards Australia (PDF 113KB)
114 Caroline House (PDF 16KB)
115 Australian Psychological Society (PDF 265KB)
116 Ms Catherine Bonner (PDF 13KB)
117 Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, La Trobe University (PDF 19KB)
118 Ms Katie Donovan (PDF 37KB)
119 Dr David van Gend (PDF 33KB)
Response from Advanced Medical Institute (PDF 5257KB)
120 Ms Lynette Cormack (PDF 28KB)
121 Dr Philippa Martyr (PDF 27KB)
122 Dr Clare Boothroyd (PDF 125KB)
123 Women's Forum Australia (PDF 209KB)
124 Ms Dominica O'Reilly (PDF 44KB)
125 Mrs Gillian Sofatzis (PDF 219KB)
126 National Council of Women Tasmania Inc (PDF 2270KB); Attachment (PDF 14KB)
127 FINRRAGE Australia (PDF 55KB)
128 Australian Press Council (PDF 3040KB)
129 Ms Diana Plunkett (PDF 355KB)
130 Pacific Magazines and ACP Magazines (PDF 540KB)
131 Enlighten Education Victoria (PDF 60KB)
132 Dr Sally Cockburn and Ms Amelia Edwards (PDF 30KB)
133 Children's Rights International (PDF 15KB)
134 Australian Publishers' Bureau (PDF 777KB)
135 Ms Anne Kirkwood (PDF 23KB)
136 Enlighten Education (PDF 746KB)
137 Ms Tara DeVries (PDF 88KB)
Response from MGAe (Bratz Dolls) (PDF 5KB)
See also Submission 130 from Pacific Magazines and ACP Magazines
138 Australian Subscription Television & Radio Association (ASTRA) (PDF 88KB)
139 Free TV Australia (Revised) (PDF 134KB); Attachment - Child Audience Composition throughout the viewing day (PDF 28KB)
140 Splash Consulting (PDF 174KB)
141 Young Media Australia (PDF 189KB)
141A Young Media Australia (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 49KB)
142 Incest Survivors' Association Inc (PDF 2003KB)
143 Australian Christian Lobby (PDF 330KB)
144 Parents for a Real Choice (PDF 114KB)
145 Associate Professor Brian Simpson (PDF 109KB)
146 Professor Catharine Lumby & Dr Kath Albury (PDF 138KB)
146A Professor Catharine Lumby & Dr Kath Albury (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 25KB)
147 Australian Education Union (PDF 58KB)
148 Mrs Helena Knox (PDF 122KB)
149 Women's Action Alliance (Australia) Inc (PDF 25KB)
150 Mrs Jo-Ann Murphy (PDF 12KB)
151 NSW Commission for Children and Young People (PDF 742KB)
152 Mrs Shirley Owen (PDF 26KB)
Response from Ouza entertainment studio ltd (Miss Bimbo) (PDF 26KB)
153 Women's Health (PDF 247KB)
154 Mrs Catherine Nunes (PDF 2260KB)
155 Names Withheld (PDF 15KB)
156 Australian Family Association of Western Australia (PDF 1952KB)
157 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program (CSAPP) (PDF 35KB)
158 Mr David Grinceri (PDF 4KB)
159 Australian Toy Association (PDF 624KB)
160 Mr Nick Bellas (PDF 7816KB)
161 Rev Peter Krigovsky (PDF 13KB)
162 Australian Family Association (PDF 736KB)
163 Mr & Mrs Mortimer Stamm (PDF 1955KB)
164 Mr John Gresser (PDF 24KB)
Response from International Planned Parenthood Federation (PDF 88KB)
165 Mr Hugh Wilson (PDF 36KB); Attachment (PDF 21KB)
Response from Scripture Union Queensland (PDF 14KB)
166 Name Withheld (PDF 12KB)
167 Name Withheld (PDF 1496KB)

Additional Information Received

Answers to Questions taken on notice

Commercial Radio Australia (from public hearing, Sydney, 30 April 2008) (PDF 84KB)
ACP Magazines Ltd (from public hearing, Sydney, 30 April 2008) (PDF 117KB)
Advertising Standards Bureau (from public hearing Melbourne, 29 April 2008) (PDF 297KB);
Pacific Publications Pty Ltd (from public hearing Sydney, 30 April 2008) (PDF 65KB)
Free TV Australia (from public hearing Melbourne, 29 April 2008) (PDF 19KB)
Classification Board (from public hearing Sydney, 30 April 2008) (PDF 20KB)
Australian Psychological Society (from public hearing Sydney, 30 April 2008) (PDF 57KB)
Australian Publishers' Bureau (from public hearing Melbourne, 29 April 2008 (PDF 13KB)
Advanced Medial Institute (from public hearing Sydney, 30 April 2008 (PDF 65KB)
Sexual Health and Family Planning Australia and Family Planning New South Wales
(from public hearing Sydney, 30 April 2008 (PDF 112KB); Attachment (PDF 221KB)
Australian Association of National Advertisers (from public hearing Sydney,
30 April 2008) (PDF 26KB)

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