Broadcasting Services Amendment (Media Ownership) Bill 2002 Submission List (current as at 7 June 2002)

Broadcasting Services Amendment
(Media Ownership) Bill 2002
Submission List (current as at 7 June 2002)

If there is no link to the submission a copy can be obtained by contacting the committee secretariat on (02) 6277 3526.

1 Mr Kevin R Beck (Word format)
2 Australian Association of Independent Regional Radio Broadcasters (Word format)
3 Australian Press Council
4 Mr Tom Nilsson (Word format)
5 Grant Broadcasters Pty Ltd (Word format)
6 Mr Graeme McConnell (Word format)
7 Australian Association of National Advertisers (Word format)
Covering Letter (Word format)
8 Network Ten (Word format)
9 Rural Press Limited
10 Ms Sue McDonald
11 Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance (Word format)
12 Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd (Word format)
13 Screen Producers Association of Australia (Word format)
14 Seven Network (Word format)
15 Communications Law Centre (Word format)
Attachment (PDF format)
16 Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Word format)
17 News Limited (Word format)
18 Fairfax (Word format)
19 RG Capital Radio Ltd, Rural Press Ltd, WIN Television Network (Word format)
20 Macquarie Radio Network Pty Ltd (Word format)
21 Prime Television Limited (Word format)
22 RG Capital Radio Limited (Word format)
23 WIN Corporation Pty Ltd (Word format)
24 DMG Radio Australia (PDF format)
25 Southern Cross Broadcasting (Australia) Limited (Word format)
26 Australian Consumers' Association (Word format)
27 Friends of Fairfax (Word format)
28 Mr Bruce Robinson (Word format)
29 Clayton Utz (Word format)
30 UBS Warburg Australia Limited (Word format)
31 Mr Jock Given (Word format)
32 Dr Paul Jones (Word format)
33 Australian Competition Consumer Commission (Word format)
34 Mr Julian Thomas (Word format)
35 Austereo Group Limited
36 Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (Word format)
37 Radio 4GG Gold Coast Pty Ltd
38 Australian Broadcasting  Authority (Word format)
39 CanWest Global Communications Corp.
40 The Age Independence Committee (Word format)