1.1        For the Australian Greens, workplace safety is paramount. The policy adopted by our membership is crystal clear: “Workplace safety should have an overriding importance over all other aspects of work and Workers' Compensation schemes should prioritise cost-free rehabilitation and full compensation for injured workers.”[1] This policy guides the Australian Greens in our consideration of this bill.

1.2        Having considered the evidence and submissions presented to the committee, the Australian Greens find it in clear contradiction to our policy and we cannot support this bill.

1.3        The Australian Greens agree with the assessment of the evidence and submissions made in the Labor Senators’ dissenting report.

1.4        Further, the Australian Greens are disturbed by the Abbott government’s ‘race to the bottom’ on workers’ compensation. Consistent with the Abbott government’s broader ideological approach to workplace relations, the Australian Greens see this bill as lowering the level of protection and support offered to injured workers across the country.

1.5        The Australian Greens will steadfastly defend people’s rights at work, including the rights of people injured at work and their families, and thus we cannot support this bill.

Recommendation 1

1.6                  The Australian Greens Senators recommend that the Senate reject the Bill.

Senator Penny Wright
Australian Greens Senator for South Australia

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