Submissions received by the Committee

The shortage of engineering and related employment skills

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1Mr Frans Brouwer (PDF 430KB) 
2Australia Wide Personnel  (PDF 94KB) 
3Mr Alastair Munro (PDF 64KB) 
4Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia NSW Division (PDF 143KB) 
5Auto Skills Australia (PDF 109KB) 
6Mr Carl Johansson (PDF 28KB) 
7Mr Manji Chhabhadia (PDF 18KB) 
8Mr Henry Seccombe (PDF 11KB) 
9Mr Tim Calver (PDF 43KB) 
10Mr Philip Bell (PDF 32KB) 
11Mr Ian Borthwick (PDF 10KB) 
13Mr Rodney Ziegelaar (PDF 134KB) 
14Name Withheld (PDF 27KB) 
15Mr Lewis Potterton (PDF 11KB) 
16Re-Engineering Australia Foundation Ltd (PDF 127KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 2076KB) 
17Educational Testing Service (PDF 607KB) 
18Name Withheld (PDF 49KB) 
19Master Builders Australia Limited (PDF 3294KB) 
20Name Withheld (PDF 20KB) 
21Australian Constructors Association (PDF 655KB) 
22The Australian Power Institute (PDF 3618KB) 
23Ms Maria Silva (PDF 10KB) 
24Mr Andrew Ruscoe (PDF 39KB) 
25Manufacturing Skills Australia (PDF 612KB) 
26National Committee on Engineering Design (PDF 130KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 56KB) 
27The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering (PDF 155KB) 
28ASC Pty Ltd (PDF 181KB) 
29Professor David Beanland, Professor Roger Hadgraft, Professor Aleksander Subic (PDF 62KB) 
30Mr Geoffrey Stone (PDF 11KB) 
31Mr James Trevelyan (PDF 444KB) 
32Mr Russell Wade (PDF 68KB) Attachment 1(PDF 86KB) Attachment 2(PDF 32KB) Attachment 3(PDF 17KB) 
33Office of the Chief Scientist (PDF 4315KB) 
34JSM Appointments (PDF 79KB) 
35Mr Mani Salmon (PDF 54KB) 
36Mr Edward Heim (PDF 34KB) 
37Consulting Surveyors National (PDF 203KB) 
38Mr Luke Downing (PDF 42KB) 
39Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management (PDF 946KB) 
40Mr Conrad Drake (PDF 18KB) 
41Mr Mahmood Al-Ibrahim (PDF 51KB) 
42Chisholm Institute (PDF 171KB) 
43South Australia Government  (PDF 58KB) 
44Mr Peter Doherty (PDF 91KB) 
45The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia  (PDF 2776KB) 
46Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (PDF 8636KB) 
47Ausgrid (PDF 64KB) 
48Mr Murray Mason (PDF 9KB) 
49Mr David Patterson (PDF 61KB) 
50Gerard Daniels (PDF 294KB) 
51Mr Adrian Yong (PDF 10KB) 
52Mr Jay Wickramatunga (PDF 278KB) 
53Mr Michael Rice (PDF 127KB) 
54Mr Colin Hackney (PDF 27KB) 
55Australian Construction Industry Forum (PDF 973KB) 
56Australian Technology Network of Universities (PDF 519KB) 
57Local Government Managers Australia (PDF 80KB) 
58Australian Industry Group (PDF 173KB) 
59Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (PDF 103KB) 
60Australasian Railway Association (PDF 177KB) 
61Roads Australia  (PDF 138KB) 
62Department of Infrastructure and Transport (PDF 178KB) 
63Sinclair Knight Merz (PDF 46KB) 
64Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (PDF 285KB) 
65Australian Council of Engineering Deans Inc (PDF 742KB) 
66Consult Australia (PDF 1090KB) 
67Engineers Australia  (PDF 673KB) 
68Mr Greg McMahon (PDF 605KB) 
69Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia (PDF 473KB) 
70Name Withheld (PDF 38KB) 
71National Engineering Registration Board (PDF 147KB) Attachment 1(PDF 24249KB) 
72Name Withheld (PDF 95KB) 
73Australian National Engineering Taskforce (PDF 1193KB) 
74Austroads Capability Taskforce (PDF 115KB) Attachment 1(PDF 627KB) 
75Hickory Group Pty Ltd (PDF 2187KB) 
76Energy Networks Association (PDF 1339KB) 
77General Electric (Australia and New Zealand) (PDF 198KB) 
78University of the Sunshine Coast (PDF 2818KB) 
79Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia WA Division (PDF 2778KB) 
80Skills Australia (PDF 1147KB) 
81NORTH Link  (PDF 143KB) Attachment 1(PDF 4418KB) Attachment 2(PDF 403KB) Attachment 3(PDF 69KB) 
82Mr Zaf Pavlic-Sahin (PDF 51KB) 

Additional Information Received

1Document tabled by the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management on the 27th of March 2012.(PDF 726KB) 
2Document tabled by the Australian Association of Mining and Exploration Companies on the 27th March 2012.(PDF 160KB) 
3Document tabled by the Australian Power Institute on the 28th March 2012(PDF 3482KB) 
4Congestion figures requested at the hearing from the Department of Infrastructure and Transport report - Estimating urban traffic and congestion cost trends for Australian cities (extracted from report), received 19 April 2012.(PDF 161KB) 

Answers to Questions on Notice

1Answer to question on notice from ETS TOEFL received 24 April, 2012.(PDF 3070KB) 
2Answer to question on notice from ETS TOEFL received 24 April, 2012.(PDF 3011KB) 
3Answer to question on notice from ETS TOEFL received 24 April, 2012.(PDF 4534KB) 
4Answer to question on notice from Institute of Traffic Planning and Management received on 19 April, 2012(PDF 14KB) 
5Answer to question on notice from Consult Australia received 26 April, 2012.(PDF 1161KB) 
6Answer to question on notice from Office of the Chief Scientist received 7 May, 2012(PDF 8KB) 
7Answer to question on notice from Department of Infrastructure and Transport received 4 June, 2012(PDF 95KB) 
8Answer to question on notice from Austroads received 5 June, 2012(PDF 20KB) 
9Answer to question on notice from Consulting Surveyors National received 5 June, 2012(PDF 315KB) 
10Answer to question on notice from Department of Industry, Innovation, Science and Research and Tertiary Education received 6 June 2012(PDF 170KB) 

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