Submissions received by the committee so far

Submissions received by the committee so far

The committee has received something over 4,500 submissions to this inquiry as at 10 November. The vast majority of these are in the form of expressions of opinions about the policy underlying the legislation, with comments on particular aspects of the bill to which the committee's attentions should be drawn.

In addition around 1,000 email messages presumably intended as submissions have been received. They contain only the name and address of the sender in most instances and cannot be treated as submissions.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible for the committee to acknowledge these submissions individually. They will, however, be taken into consideration by the committee and will be tabled in the Senate together with other evidence gathered in the inquiry.

Key submissions which address the provision of the bill in detail, and which are likely to be aired at the public hearings next week, will be placed on the website as soon as possible.

Sub No:


Loris Erik Kent Hemlof (PDF 515KB)

2 Mrs V Burnett, Qld (hard copy only)
3 Dr Keith Abbott Vic, (PDF 1068KB)
4 Mr Jim McDonald, Qld (PDF 862KB)
5 Mr Craig Maynard (PDF 134KB)
6 Mr Richard Swinton, NSW (PDF 115KB)
7 Ms Janine Smith (PDF 93KB)
8 Mr Damian Lund, NSW (PDF 77KB)
9 Mr Jeff Petersen, NSW (PDF 105KB)
10 Mr Ben Blackburn, NSW (PDF 239KB)
11 Mr Matthew Kiem, NSW (PDF 194KB)
12 Name withheld (PDF 93KB)
13 Ms Bettina Quataker (PDF 191KB)
14 Mr David Edwards, Vic (PDF 121KB)
15 Illawarra Legal Centre (PDF 221KB)
16 Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association of NSW (PDF 553KB)
17 SANE Australia (PDF 128KB)
18 Mr Alan Dircks, Vic (PDF 23KB)
19 Mr Blair Trewin, Vic (PDF 28KB)
20 Maybanke Association Inc (PDF 30KB)
21 Not yet available
22 Mr James Sin, NSW (PDF 23KB)
23 Mr John Stannard, Qld (PDF 178KB)
24 NSW Ethnic Communities Council (PDF 41KB)
25 Mr Laurie Gillespie, Qld (PDF 419KB)
26 Ms Katrina Milbourne, ACT (PDF 27KB)
27 Bishop Philip Huggins, Vic (PDF 60KB)
28 Ms Paula Goodwin, ACT (PDF 22KB)
29 Transport Workers Union, New South Wales (PDF 714KB)
30 NSW Nurses' Association - Concorde Hospital Branch (PDF 22KB)
31 Job Futures (PDF 78KB)
32 Mr David Risstrom, Vic (PDF 70KB)
33 Mr Abraham Schaffer, SA (PDF 359KB)
34 Not yet available
35 The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia Ltd (PDF 44KB)
36 Rio Tinto (PDF 157KB)
37 Social Action Office (PDF 96KB)
38 Mr Guy van Enst, Vic (PDF 21KB) attachment (PDF 18KB)
39 Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (PDF 62KB)
40 Ms Kristy LeMilliere, NSW (PDF 275KB)
41 Mr Martin Wynne, NSW (PDF 339KB)
42 Mr Neville Pearson, NSW (PDF 258KB)
43 Ms Tanya Barton, NSW (PDF 368KB)
44 Ms Narelle Rich (PDF 368KB)
45 Business Council of Australia (PDF 172KB)
46 Welfare Rights Centre, Qld (PDF 831KB)
47 Ms Beth Spencer, Vic (PDF 239KB)
48 Construction, Forestry, mining and Energy Union Construction and General Division - NSW Branch (PDF 1757KB)
49 Blue Mountains Community Legal Centre, NSW (PDF 312KB)
50 The Small Business Union, OLD (PDF 388KB)
51 Ms Serena O'Meley, Vic (PDF 579KB)
52 Ms Rosemary Owens, SA (PDF 185KB)
53 Good Shepherd Sisters (PDF 318KB)
54 Curtin University of Technology (PDF 1549KB)
55 Australian Young Christian Workers (PDF 1303KB)
56 Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union (PDF 85KB) attachment a (PDF 125KB) attachment b (PDF 197KB)
57 Mr James Macken, ACT (PDF 562KB)
58 Australian Political Ministry Network (PDF 370KB)
59 Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod (PDF 420KB)
60 Families Australia (PDF 498KB)
61 Physical Disability Council of Australia LTD (PDF 60KB) attachment (PDF 355KB)
62 NSW Council for Civil Liberties (PDF 1500KB)
63 Queensland Nurses' Union (PDF 520KB)
64 Professor David Plowman (University of Western Australia) (PDF 292KB)
65 Dr Jill Murray (La Trobe University) (PDF 766KB)
66 Mr Peter Gringinger, Vic (PDF 334KB)
67 The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Canberra (PDF 142KB)
68 ACROD Ltd (PDF 297KB)
69 Ms Julia Graczk, ACT (PDF 441KB)
70 ACT and Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF 322KB)
71 The Australian Licenced Aircraft Engineers Association (PDF 979KB)
72 Women's Electoral Lobby Inc (PDF 1007KB)
73 Australian services Union covering letter (PDF 62KB) submission (PDF 220KB) Attachment A (PDF 299KB)
74 Australian Nursing Federation (PDF 1643KB)
75 Redfern Legal Centre (PDF 1223KB)
76 Transport Workers' Union of Australia (PDF 1622KB)
77 Australian Christian Lobby (PDF 159KB)
78 Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law (PDF 403KB)
79 National Retail Association (PDF 511KB)
80 National Association of Community Leal Centres (PDF 638KB)
81 Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia (PDF 942KB)
82 Gippsland Community Legal Centre (PDF 212KB)
83 Blind Citizens Australia (PDF 1013KB)
84 Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (PDF 538KB)
85 Queensland Council of Unions (PDF 828KB)
86 Queensland Teachers Union of Employees (PDF 1105KB)
87 United Services Union (PDF 46KB) attachment a  (PDF 174KB) attachment b (PDF 47KB) attachment c (PDF 468KB)
88 Textile, Clothing and Footware Union of Australia (PDF 5278KB)
89 New South Wales Teachers Federation (PDF 694KB)
90 Independent Education Union of Australia (PDF 1043KB)
91 Ms Jeannette Hope, NSW (PDF 476KB)
92 Taree Branch of the ALP (PDF 176KB)
93 Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre (PDF 377KB)
94 Australian Greens Victoria (PDF 272KB)
95 Fair Wear (PDF 109KB)
96 Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law (PDF 2713KB)
97 Community and Public Sector Union - SPSF Group (PDF 904KB)
98 Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union Construction and General Division (PDF 679KB)
99 Students' Association of the University of Adelaide (PDF 319KB)
100 Uniting Church in Australia Justice and International Mission (PDF 32KB)
101 Withdrawn
102 NT Legal Aid Commission (PDF 44KB)
103 What Women Want Consortium (PDF 82KB)
104 The Australian Workers' Union (PDF 2523KB) Attachment A (PDF 2808KB)
Attachment B (PDF 5773KB) Attachment C (PDF 480KB)
Attachment D (PDF 676KB) Attachment E (PDF 190KB)
105 Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (PDF 308KB)
106 Unions NSW Part 1 (PDF 4910KB) Part 2 (PDF 7020KB)
107 ETU Queensland (PDF 81KB)
108 Transport Workers' Union - Victorian/Tasmanian Branch (PDF 66KB)
109 University of New South Wales Student Guild (PDF 187KB)
110 Australian Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (PDF 144KB)
Attachment A (PDF 259KB) Attachment B (PDF 45KB)
110A Australian Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (PDF 236KB)
111 University of Western Sydney Students' Association Inc (PDF 52KB)
112 Progressive Labour Party (PDF 55KB)
113 The Uniting Church in Australia (PDF 418KB)
114 Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria (PDF 69KB)
115 Young Workers Advisory Service (PDF 1732KB)
116 Australian Lawyers for Human Rights covering letter (PDF 22KB)
submission (PDF 72KB)
117 Restaurant and Catering Australia (PDF 178KB)
118 Group Researching Organisations - Work, Employment and Skills (PDF 89KB)
119 Unions WA (PDF 55KB)
120 Young Workers Advisory Service - Qld Working Womens' Service (PDF 203KB)
121 Finance Sector Union of Australia (PDF 165KB) Attachment 1 (PDF 343KB) Attachment 2 (PDF 900KB) Attachment 3 (PDF 1400KB)
122 National Tertiary Education Union (PDF 113KB)
123 Australian Education Union covering letter (PDF 30KB) submission (PDF 82KB)
124 Launceston Community Legal Centre (PDF 35KB)
125 Tenants Union of Victoria (PDF 314KB)
126 Ms Ruth Harland, Vic (PDF 33KB)
127 Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association (PDF 321KB)
128 Catholic Justice and Peace Commission of the Archdiocese of Brisbane (PDF 34KB)
129 Mr Chris White, ACT (PDF 290KB)
130 Uniting Church in Australia, NSW Synod (PDF 142KB)
131 Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Western Australia covering letter (PDF 29KB) submission (PDF 128KB)
132 Agribusiness Employers' Federation (PDF 671KB)
133 People with Disability Australia (PDF 34KB)
134 Mr Dan Dwyer, NSW (PDF 70KB)
135 Inner City Legal Centre (PDF 24KB)
136 Victorian Government (PDF 441KB)
137 Community and Public Sector Union covering letter (PDF 23KB)
(PDF 128KB) appendix 1 (PDF 131KB) appendix 2 (PDF 203KB)
138 Youth Affairs Council of WA (PDF 81KB)
139 Ms Kelly Everson, NSW (PDF 68KB)
140 Ms Anna Szwec, NSW (PDF 84KB)
141 Mr Peter Rattenbury, NSW (PDF 230KB)
142 Ms Hujung Kim, ACT (PDF 553KB)
143 Ms Jessica Dolan, NSW (PDF 724KB)
144 Ms Kate Lester, NSW (PDF 286KB)
145 University of Western Australia (PDF 32KB)
146 Electrical Trades Union, NSW Branch (PDF 92KB)
147 National Farmers' Federation (PDF 184KB)
148 Health Services Union (PDF 67KB)
149 Australian Mines and Metals Association (PDF 151KB)
150 Public Service Association and Professional Officers' Association Amalgamated Union of NSW (PDF 683KB)
151 Mr Shane Prince, NSW (PDF 261KB) attachment (PDF 115KB)
152 The Law Society of NSW (PDF 571KB)
153 The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF 1020KB)
154 The Australian Workers' Union, NSW Branch (PDF 824KB)
155 Mr Don Willis, Qld (PDF 26KB)
156 Police Federation of Australia (PDF 137KB) attachment (PDF 220KB)
157 Australian Business Industrial (PDF 87KB)
158 Northern Community Legal Service Inc (PDF 106KB)
159 Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW (PDF 170KB)
160 Governments of New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory c
covering letter (PDF 33KB) submission (PDF 227KB)
161 United Firefighters Union of Australia (PDF 56KB) attachment (PDF 173KB)
162 Australian Federal Police Association (PDF 1570KB)
163 Master Builders Australia (PDF 157KB)
164 Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (PDF 514KB)
165 Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (PDF 530KB)
166 Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (PDF 506KB)
167 Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (PDF 44KB)
168 Women Lawyers' Association of NSW (PDF 90KB)
169 Housing Industry Association (PDF 83KB)
170 Government of South Australia (PDF 313KB)
171 Australian Council of Trade Unions covering letter (PDF 91KB) submission (PDF 772KB) attachment a (PDF 251KB) attachment b (PDF 103KB)
172 Australian Industry Group (PDF 338KB)
173 Enterprise Initiatives (PDF 63KB)
174 Professor Andrew Stewart (PDF 124KB)
175 Professor David Peetz (Group of 151 Australian Industrial Relations, Labour Market and Legal Academics) (PDF 767KB)
175A Associate Professor Boni Robertson (PDF 149KB)
176 Combined Community Legal Centres' Group NSW Inc (PDF 620KB)
177 Mr Michael Hull, Vic (PDF 30KB)
178 Mr Christopher Puplick AM (PDF 28KB)
179 Amalgamated Manufacturing Workers Union - Retired Members Association, Sydney (PDF 17KB)
180 Federation of Ethnic Communities Council of Australia - Women's Steering Committee (PDF 334KB)
181 Career Industry Council of Australia (PDF 41KB)
182 Government of Tasmania (PDF 99KB)
183 Multiple Sclerosis Australia (PDF 142KB)
184 Dr Graeme Orr, Qld (PDF 18KB)
185 International Centre for Trade Union Rights (PDF 420KB)
186 Centre for Health Service Development, University of Wollongong (PDF 59KB)
187 Australian Medical Association (PDF 1202KB)
188 Job Watch Inc (PDF 133KB)
189 Christian Science Committee on Publication, Federal Representative for Australia
(PDF 185KB)
190 Adoptive Families Association of the ACT Inc (PDF 15KB)
191 Law Institute Victoria (PDF 154KB)
192 Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia Ltd (PDF 716KB)
193 Minerals Council of Australia (PDF 207KB)
194 Presentation Sisters Wagga (PDF 298KB)
195 Transport Workers' Union of Australia, Qld (PDF 329KB)
196 Australian and International Pilots Association (PDF 226KB)
197 CFMEU (hard copy only)
198 Transport Workers' Union of Australia, WA (PDF 204KB)
199 Hunter Labor Regional Assembly (PDF 206KB)
200 IR Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 274KB)
201 Volunteering Australia (PDF 373KB)
202 Anglican Church, Diocese of Sydney (PDF 138KB)

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