Interim Report

Indigenous training and employment outcomes inquiry

Interim Report

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Dear Mr President,

The references committee met before the prorogation of the Parliament to consider and report on progress on this inquiry which was due to be reported on 25 November 2004.

The committee has received 19 submissions to date. They include submissions from major interest groups and government agencies, but a great many contacts have yet to be made with individuals and local organisations in remote parts of the country. The evidence they will be able to provide is essential to the committee's work.

For this reason, the committee has agreed to undertake no further work on the inquiry during what remains of this parliament. The committee notes that the continuation of the inquiry and the date for reporting, probably around May 2005, will be subject to the decision of the new committee when it is reconstituted in the 41 st parliament.

Yours sincerely

George Campbell

20 October 2004

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