Appendix 4 - Further information

Appendix 4 - Further information

Answers to questions on notice:


Sydney, 2 July 2002

2 October 2002

Enterprise and Career Education Foundation
Ms Karina Armstrong, ECEF Disability Initiative Coordinator

Enterprise and Career Education Foundation ‘Lighthouse Disability Initiative’

9 August 2002

Dr Paul Whiting, President

14 August 2002

Federation of Parents and Citizens’ Association of New South Wales
Ms Sharryn Brownlee, President


Sydney, 3 July 2002

11 September 2002

University of Western Sydney
A/Professor Marsha Durham, Dean of Students

29 August 2002

Australian Associations of Christian Schools
Mr Peter Crimmis, Executive Officer


Melbourne, 13 August 2002

6 September 2002

Australian Association of Teachers of the Deaf (Vic)
Ms Marilyn Dann, Membership secretary

13 September 2002

Victorian Department of Education and Training
Mr Mark Johnstone, External and Inter-Governmental Relations


Tasmania, 3 September 2002

25 September 2002

National Regional DLO Initiative
Ms Jane Barrett, State Disability Liaison Officer

26 September 2002

Department of Education, Education Strategies, Tasmania
Ms Cindy Mills, Executive Support


Brisbane, 6 September 2002

26 September 2002

Queensland Parents for People with a Disability Inc
Mr Phil Tomkinson

6 September 2002

Australian National Training Authority
Ms Moira Scollay, Chief Executive Officer

 5 September 2002
23 September 2002

Dr Christa van Kraayenoord, (Schonell Special Education Research Centre, Graduate School of Education, The University of Queensland)

17 September 2002

Blind Citizens Australia
Ms Collette O’Neill, National Policy Officer

20 November 2002

Queensland Government, Education Queensland
Ms Anna Bligh MP, Minister for Education


Adelaide, 9 September 2002

4 October 2002

Catholic Education Centre, South Australia
Ms Francine Bickford, Coordinator, Special Education

2 December 2002

Department of Education and Children’s Services, South Australia
Ms Stephanie Page, Executive Director Student and Professional Services


Canberra, 11 September 2002

1 October 2002

TAFE Directors, Australia
Ms Margaret Fanning, Executive Director

25 September 2002

National Council of Independent Schools’ Associations
Mr Bills Daniels, Executive Director

27 September 2002

Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training
Mr Tony Greer, Group Manager, Schools

1 October 2002

Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training
Mr Tony Greer, Group Manager, Schools

Further Information Received

Further Information Received  -  on file held by Australian Archives.

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