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Inquiry into the Education of Gifted and Talented Children


1 Ms Katherine Price, Australian Landau Kleffner Association (Word format)
2 Confidential author name (Word format)
3 Mr Rory Lane, WA (Word format)
4 Ms Sheryl Tratnik, WA
5 Dr John Geake (Sub 1) (Sub 2) (Sub 3) (Sub 4) (Letter)
6 Ms Jennifer Taylor NSW (Word format)
7 The Hay Submissions Writing Group, Ms Anna Anderson, NSW (Word format)
8 Mrs Adele Carrall, NSW - submission available in hardcopy only
9 Mr Shaun Hately, VIC (Word format)
10 Dr K.M. McGuigan, VIC - submission available in hardcopy only
11 The Australian Mathematics Trust, Professor P.J. Taylor, ACT - submission available in hardcopy only
12 Dr Peter Glazebrook, VIC (Word format)
13 Northern Territory Department of Education, Mr Peter Plummer, NT - submission available in hardcopy only
14 Mr and Mrs John and Naomi Vagg, NSW (Word format)
15 Ms Karen Cassidy, TAS (Word format)
16 Ms Sandra Walter, SA (Word format)
17 Mrs Jan Caughey, VIC - submission available in hardcopy only
18 Ms Kathryn Fox, QLD (Word format)
19 Dr Jessica Milner Davis, NSW - submission available in hardcopy only
21 Mr Mervyn Pascoe, TAS (Word format)
22 Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn Catholic Education Office, Mr Geoff Joy, ACT - submission available in hardcopy only
23 The Hon Mr Bill Stefaniak MLA, ACT - submission available in hardcopy only
24 The Association of Independent Schools of Queensland Inc, Mrs Lorrie Maher, QLD (Word format)
25 Dr James Watters and Dr Carmel Diezmann, QLD (Word format)
26 Mr Ken Imison, NSW (Word format)
27 Associate Professor Neil Russell, QLD (Word format)
28 Dr Libby Lee, WA (Word 1) (Word 2)
29 Mr Harry Milne, QLD (Word format)
30 Queensland Association for Gifted and Talented Children Inc., Ms Judith Hewton, QLD (Word format)
31 Mr Kendall Yates, Acting Manager,
Learning, Teaching, Literacy and Numeracy Unit Education, QLD (Word format)
32 Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs, Mr Tony Greer, First Assistant Secretary, Schools Division, ACT (Word1)(Word2)(Word3)
33 Australian Education Union, Mr Denis Fitzgerald, Federal President, VIC (PDF format)
34 Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia, Father Christopher Gleeson, Chair, VIC (Word1)(Word2)
35 Flinders University, Professor Anne Edwards, Vice Chancellor, SA (Word1)(Word2)(Word3)
36 Victorian Association for Gifted and Talented Children, Ms Karin Morrison, President, VIC (Word format)
37 Tournament of Minds Incorporated, Ms Colleen Abbott, President, VIC (Available in hard copy only)
38 Northern Territory Association for the Gifted and Talented, Mr Mike Caraher, Secretary, NT (Word format)
39 Mr John Bailey, WA (Word format)
40 Professor E.J. Braggett, ACT (Word1)(Word2)
41 The CHIP Foundation, Mrs Gail Byrne, Chair, VIC (Word format)
42 Tasmanian Association for the Gifted Inc, Ms Jane Beattie, President, TAS (Word format)
43 The Australian Association of Christian Schools, Mr Peter Crimmins, Executive Officer, ACT (Word format)
44 Gifted and Talented Children’s Association of WA, Mr Ian Bett, WA (Word format)
45 Gifted and Talented Children’s Association of South Australia, Ms Suzanne Urban, President, SA (Word format)
46 South Australian Association of School Parents Clubs Inc, Ms Judith Bundy, Secretary, SA (Word format)
47 Association of Independent Schools of South Australia, Mr Gary Le Duff, Executive Director, SA (Word format) attachment (Word format)
48 Western Australian Council of State School Organisations Inc., Ms Shelley Norrish, President, WA (Available in hard copy only)
49 Queensland Council of Parents and Citizens’ Associations Inc, Mr Colin Gould, Executive Officer, QLD (Word format)
50 Victorian Parents’ Council, Ms Susan Hughes, Executive Officer, VIC (Word format)
51 Bayside Young Active Minds Support Group, Ms Hazel Jensen, VIC (Word format)
52 Maroondah Gifted Children’s Parents’ Association, Mrs Jo Freitag, Secretary, VIC (Word format)
53 Ms Rhonda Collins, VIC (Word format)
54 Victorian Affiliated Network of Gifted Support Groups, Ms Rhonda Collins, Coordinator, VIC (Word format)
55 Parents Association for Children of Special Ability Inc, Ms Helen Jones, Secretary, VIC (Word format)
56 The University High School, Ms Bronwyn Valente, Principal, VIC (Word1)(Word2)
57 Ms Jamie Arkeveld, Special Art Coordinator, Balcatta Senior High School, WA and Mrs Cassandra Manning, Special Art Coordinator, Kalamunda Senior High School, WA (Word format)
58 Yarra Plenty Gifted Support Group, Ms Pam Bourton, Co-ordinator, VIC (Word format)
59 Mr and Mrs Robert and Catriona Turnbull, VIC (Word1)(Word2)
60 Ms Lesley Sword, VIC (Word1)(Word2)(Word3)(Word4)(Word5)
61 Dr John Davis, VIC (Word format)
62 Dr Betty Murphy,  VIC (Word format)
63 Ms Gail Byrne,  Exceptional Children, VIC (Word format)
64 Ms Leonie Kronborg, Director of Gifted Programs, Krongold Centre, Faculty of Education, Monash University, VIC (Word1)(Word2)
65 Monash University, Professor Merran Evans, Director,Planning and Academic Affairs, Monash University, VIC (Word format)
66 Mr Michael Ward, VIC (Word format)
67 Dr Glenison Alsop, VIC (Word format)
68 Mrs Deborah Bett, WA (Word format)
69 Ms Coral Kemp, Special Education Centre, Macquarie University, NSW (Word format)
70 Ms Kathryn Bunn, VIC (Word format)
71 Tasmanian Parliamentary Liberal Party, The Hon Sue Napier MHA, Tasmanian Liberal Leader, TAS (Available in hard copy only)
72 Ms Mary O’Dea, NSW (Word format)
73 Associate Professor Stan Bailey, School of Curriculum Studies, University of New England, NSW (Word format)
74 Mrs Jennifer Davey, TAS (Word format)
75 Government of Tasmania, The Hon Paula Wriedt MHA, Minister for Education, TAS (Available in hard copy only)
76 Parents and Friends Association, Penguin Primary School, Ms Elizabeth Gergely, Secretary, TAS (Word format)
77 Mr Craig Mansour, All Saints College (Word format)
78 Dr Andrew Gillett and Dr Antonina Harbus, NSW(Word format)
79 John Therry Catholic High School, Ms Christine Johnson,   NSW (Available in hard copy only)
80 Santa Sabina College, Ms Kay Cortessis, NSW (Available in hard copy only)
81 Middle Park State School, Ms Michelle Butler, Principal, QLD (Word format)
82 Mr and Mrs William and Toni Webster, NSW (Word1)(Word2)
83 Dr Ross Staaden, WA (Available in hard copy only)
84 Ms Alison Miller, NSW (Available in hard copy only)
85 Ms Laura Drummond, NSW (Word format)
86 Ms Robyn Smyth, VIC (Available in hard copy only)
87 Ms Kathryn Nordstrom, NSW (Word format)
88 Mrs Susan Wight, VIC (Word format)
89 Ms Sue Stevens, QLD (Word format)
90 Mr Trevor Kloeden, QLD (Available in hard copy only)
91 Ms Marissa Vella, NSW (Word format)
92 Ms Vivian Fong, NSW (Word format)
93 Ms Sylvia Merope, TAS (Word format)
94 Ms Neneng Arandia, NSW (Word format)
95 Dr Richard Morante, NSW (Word format)
96 Catholic Education Office, Tasmania, Mr Jeff Hall, Deputy Director, TA (Available in hard copy only)
97 Faculty of Education, University of Tasmania, Dr Julianne Moss, TAS (Word format)
98 Morgan Centre, Professor Michael O’Boyle, Director, School of Behavioural Science, University of Melbourne, VIC (Word1)(Word2)
99 Ms Lisa Bell, ATP Online Coordinator, Educational Technology Unit, School of Isolated and Distance Education, WA (Word format)
100 Board for Lutheran Schools, Ms Adrienne Jericho, National Director for Lutheran Schools, SA (Word1) (Word2)
101 Adelaide University, Professor Penny Boumelha, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education), SA (Word format)
102 Catholic Edcuation, South Australia, Ms Helen O’Brien, Coordinator, Curriculum and Education Services, SA (Word1)(Word2)
103 Dr Julie Landvogt, VIC (Word format)
104 Catholic Secondary Principals’ Association, Mr Barry Harvie, President, WA (Available in hard copy only)
105 Education Department of Western Australia, The Hon. Alan Carpenter MLA, Minister for Education, WA (Word format)
106 Ms Maria McCann, School of Special Eduation and Disability Studies, Flinders University, SA (Word format)
107 Catholic Education Office of Western Australia, Ms Therese Temby, Director, WA (Word format)
108 Ms Lynne Kelly,VIC (Word format)
109 Mr Dan Bolton,  QLD (Word format)
110 Australian Secondary Principals Association Inc, Mr Terry Woolley, National President, VIC (Word1)(Word2)
111 Loreto Kirribilli, Ms Janet Freeman, Principal, NSW (Available in hard copy only)
112 Dr Michael Faulkner, Head of Department, Institute for Education, La Trobe University, VIC (Available in hard copy only)
113 St Catherine’s School, Ms Lynn Stone , Head of Junior School, NSW (Available in hard copy only)
114 Federation of Parents and Citizens’ Associations of New South Wales, Mr Warren Johnson, Executive Officer, NSW (Word format)
115 The Australian Psychological Society College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists (NSW Branch), Mr Matthew Gosper, Educational Psychologist, NSW (Word format)
116 Mr Bill Forbes, Coordinator of Gifted Education, Canbrook School, NSW (Word format)
117 Ms Kerry Hodge, Special Education Centre, Macquarie University, NSW (Word format)
118 Ms Denise Wood, NSW (Word format)
119 Professional Association of Parents and Teachers, Ms Kate Coughlan, President, Joondalup District PEAC Centre, WA (Word1)(Word2)
120 Ms Lisa De Leon, QLD (Word1)(Word2)
121 Ms Lindsay Michie, NSW (Word format)
122 Parents’ Gifted Support Group, St Catherine’s Anglican School for Girls, Ms Nadia Bloom, Convenor, NSW (Word format)
123 Canterbury College, Ms Sue Shaw, Head of Teaching and Learning, QLD (Word format)
124 Ms Shirley Archer, NSW (Word format)
125 Ms Amanda Benham, QLD (Word format)
126 Mr Bruce Bell, QLD (Word format)
127 Mr and Mrs Peter and Heather Bilton, QLD (Word format)
128 Mr Alan Bramham, NSW (Word format)
129 Mr Martin Bruekers, NT (Word format)
130 Mr Richard Chirgwin, NSW (Word format)
131 Ms Cheryl Butler, NSW (Word format)
132 Ms Trudi Hollinsworth, NSW (Available in hard copy only)
133 Ms Sophia Chiu, NSW (Word format)
134 Mr Edi Condack, NSW (Word format)
135 Ms Margot Cooper, NSW (Word format)
136 Ms Leanne Crane (Word format)
137 Ms Liddy Croft, NSW (Word format)
138 Ms Kate Davies, NSW (Word format)
139 Ms Margaret Ede, NSW (Word format)
140 Mr and Mrs Wendy and Joe Ferris, NSW (Word format)
141 Ms Robyn Ferroff, VIC (Word format)
142 Dr Anne Flood, NSW (Word format)
143 Ms Lyane Hamilton, NSW (Word format)
144 Mr Gordon Harvey, VIC (Word format)
145 Mr and Mrs Steve and Debra Honan, QLD (Word format)
146 Ms Nicki Hutley, NSW (Word format)
147 Ms Karen Jensen, WA (Word format)
148 Ms Anne Julienne, NSW (Word format)
149 Ms Susan Just, NSW (Word format)
150 Ms Jillian Kennedy, NSW (Word format)
151 Mr Don Kerr, QLD (Word format)
152 Mr John Lambert, SA (Word format)
153 Ms Michelle Leaney,  NSW (Word format)
154 Ms Trish Lapsley, NSW (Word format)
155 Mr Michael Loh, WA (Word format)
156 Ms Lynda Lovett, NSW (Word format)
157 Ms Yvonne Luxford, School of Science and Technology Studies, University of New South Wales, NSW (Word format)
158 Ms Ann McEwin, NSW (Word format)
159 Dr Vaughan Macefield, NSW (Word format)
160 Ms Patricia McNamara, NSW (Word format)
161 Ms Tracy Mann, WA (Word format)
162 Ms Joanne Martin,  NSW (Word format)
163 Ms Leonie Maxwell, QLD (Word format)
164 Dr Keith McGuinness, NT (Word format)
165 Ms Dawn Metcalfe, , VIC (Word format)
166 Mr and Mrs Dianne and Anthony Mitchell, NSW (Word format)
167 Ms Kate Mularczyk, VIC (Word1)(Word2)
168 Ms Thea Olney, WA (Word format)
169 Mr and Mrs Raymond and Chantal Paris, NSW (Word format)
170 Ms Rebecca Parsons, WA (Word format)
171 Ms Lyn Paton, NSW (Word format)
172 Ms Suzanne Plume, NSW (Word format)
173 Ms Susan Reading, NSW (Word format)
174 Ms Kim Rendell, NSW (Word format)
175 Ms Robyn Rodd, NSW (Word format)
176 Ms Maria Rushton, TAS (Word format)
177 Ms Joanne Ryan, NSW (Word format)
178 Ms Karen Salamon, VIC (Word format)
179 Mr Aradhana Singh, NSW (Word format)
180 Ms Renee Simon, NSW (Word format)
181 Mr and Mrs David and Melinda Shirley, QLD (Word format)
182 Ms Juliette Smith, NSW (Word format)
183 Ms Janelle Spicer, WA (Word format)
184 Mr and Mrs John and Jenny Sturrock, NSW (Word format)
185 Ms Anne Stewart, NSW (Word format)
186 Available on request
187 Mr Graham Swan, NSW (Word format)
188 Mr and Mrs William and Jennie Thornely, NSW (Word format)
189 Ms Phyllis Tse, NSW (Word format)
190 Ms Kathleen Wilson, VIC (Word format)
191 Ms Tracy Wood, WA (Word format)
192 Ms Narelle Woodberry, SA (Word format)
193 Mr Peter Yager, NSW (Word format)
194 Dr Annmaree Yee (Word format)
195 Ms Yvonne Chan, NSW (Word format)
196 Ms Alison Grahame, NSW (Word format)
197 Petrie Terrace State School, Ms Beth Johnson, QLD (Available in hard copy only)
198 Ms Julie Nimmo, NSW (Word format)
199 Mr Steven Oxenburgh, WA (Available in hard copy only)
200 Ms Jennifer Riggs, QLD (Word format)
201 Ms Anne Le Merle, Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Our Lady of Lebanon College, NSW (Available in hard copy only)
202 St Vincent’s College, Ms Suzanne O’Connor, Coordinator Special Needs, NSW (Available in hard copy only)
203 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
204 Ms Carolyn Bailey, WA (Word format)
205 Federal Council of the Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association of Australian , Mrs Carina Kopke, Federal Secretary, WA (Word format)
206 NSW Association for the Education of Gifted & Talented Children, Dr Suzanne Vasilevska, Secretary, NSW (Word format)
207 Dr Jill Forster, NSW (Word format)
208 Ms Gail Olliffe (Hill), NSW (Word format)
209 South Australian Government, Mr Gary Stratford, Office Manager, SA (Word format)
210 A Group supporting Gifted Children who have specific Learning Disabilities, Ms Gillian Moon, Joint Coordinator, NSW (Word format)
211 Catholic Education Office, Mr David Huggins, Chairperson, Special Education Staff Group, VIC (Word format)
212 Samaritan Catholic College, Mr Ken Jamieson, Coordinator of Extension Programmes, VIC (Word format)
213 Mr Dennis Hume & family, NSW (Word format)
214 Australian Council of State School Organisations, Mr Rodney Molesworth, President, ACT (Word format)
215 Gifted Education Research, Resource and Information Centre, Dr Miraca Gross, Professor of Gifted Education, University of New South Wales, NSW (Word format)
216 Professor K B Start, Emeritus Professor, University of Melbourne, VIC (Word format)
218 Mr Graeme Feeney, NSW (Available in hard copy only)
219 Mr Michael Brosowski, NSW (Word format)
220 Kaleen Primary School, Mrs Katrina Sims, Gifted and Talented Coordinator/Teacher and Mrs Astrid Herbert, Teacher of the Gifted and Talented, ACT (Word format)
221 Ms Lynda Ritchie, WA (Word format)
222 Dr Phillip Stowell, QLD (Word format)
223 Ms Linda Stephens, VIC (Available in hard copy only)
224 Ms Suzanne Groom, TAS (Available in hard copy only)
225 Ms Melanie McIntosh,VIC (Word format)
226 Ms Janice Quinn, VIC (Available in hard copy only)
227 Department of Education, Employment and Training Victoria, The Hon. Mary Delahunty MP, Minister for Education, VIC (Word1)(Word2)(Word3)(Word4)(Word5)
228 The Minister for Education and Children’s Services, South Australia, The Hon Malcolm Buckby, MP, Minister, SA (Available in hard copy only)
229 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
230 Ms Tracy Chaloner, WA (Word1)(Word2)
231 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
232 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
233 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
234 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
235 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
236 Ms Pat Burgess, QLD (Word1)(Word2)
239 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
240 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
241 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
242 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
243 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
244 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Available in hard copy only)
245 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
247 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Available in hard copy only)
248 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
249 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
250 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
251 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
252 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
253 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
254 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
255 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
256 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
257 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
258 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
259 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
260 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
262 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
263 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
264 Ms Linda Brown,  NSW (Word format)
265 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word1)(Word2)
266 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
267 CONFIDENTIAL NAME (Word format)
268 Senator Ross Lightfoot, Senator for Western Australia, WA (Word format)
269 Mrs Fleming-Judge, WA (Available in hard copy only)
270 Gifted and Talented Children's Association of Western Australia, Mrs Janelle Spicer (Word format)
271 Ms Erica Ryan, NSW (Available in hard copy only)
272 NSW Teachers Federation, NSW (Word format)
273 NSW Department of Education and Training, NSW (Word1) (Word2) (Word3) (PDF4) (PDF5) (Word6) (PDF7) (Word8) (Word9) (Word10) (Word11)
274 Catholic Education Commission (Word format)
275 Ms Gaby Trijbetz, NSW (Word format)
276 Mr & Mrs R & J Adler, NSW (Available in hard copy only)
277 Mr Gordon Shrubb, NSW (Available in hard copy only)
278 Dr Yvonne Carnellor, NSW (Word format)
279 Professor Vianne McLean (Word format)