Appendix 2 - Public Hearings and Witnesses

Appendix 2Public Hearings and Witnesses

Tuesday, 23 April 2024

Main Committee Room

Parliament House


Investor Group on Climate Change

Mr Erwin Jackson, Managing Director, Policy

Carbon Market Institute

Mr Kurt Winter, Director, Corporate Transition

Australian Sustainable Finance Institute

Ms Kirsty Graham, Chief Executive Officer

Governance Institute of Australia

Ms Catherine Maxwell, General Manager. Policy and Advocacy

Mr Daniel Popovski, Senior Policy and Advocacy Advisor

Australian Institute of Company Directors

Ms Louise Petschler, General Manager, Education and Policy Leadership

Mr Christian Gergis, Head of Policy

Equity Generation Lawyers

Mr David Barnden, Principle Lawyer

Australian Council of Trade Unions

Ms Casey Thompson, Workers' Capital Manager

Mr Joseph Mitchell, Assistant Secretary

Maritime Union of Australia

Mr Rod Pickette, Workers’ Capital Manager

Nexia Australia

Mr Martin Olde, Technical Director


Mr Leon Olsen, APAC Sustainability Service Line Leader


Ms Dianne Lewis, General Manager, Regulatory Strategy and Executive Advisor

Financial Services Council

Mr Chaneg Torres, Policy Director - Investments and Funds Management

Mr Blake Briggs, Chief Executive Officer

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Ms Kate O'Rourke, Commissioner

Ms Calissa Aldridge, Executive Director

Reserve Bank of Australia

Mr Ellis Connolly, Head of Payments Policy Department

Ms Nicole Pyner, Deputy Head, Payments Policy Department

Department of the Treasury

Ms Khanh Hoang, Assistant Secretary, Regulators and Capital Markets Branch

Mr Nicholas Wilkey, A/g Director, Capital Markets Unit

Dr Alex Heath, First Assistant Secretary, Climate and Energy Division

Ms Rebecca McCallum, Director, Climate Disclosure Unit