Home Warranty Insurance

Inquiry into Australia's Mandatory Last Resort Home Warranty Insurance Scheme


Senator Annette Hurley, Chair

South Australia, ALP

Senator Alan Eggleston, Deputy Chair

Western Australia, LP

Senator Mark Bishop

Western Australia, ALP

Senator David Bushby

Tasmania, LP

Senator Barnaby Joyce

Queensland, NATS

Senator Anne McEwen

South Australia, ALP

Senator Andrew Murray

Western Australia, AD

Senator Ruth Webber

Western Australia, ALP



Mr John Hawkins, Secretary
Mr Geoff Dawson, Inquiry Secretary
Dr Richard Grant, Principal Research Officer
Ms Stephanie Holden, Senior Research Officer
Mr Glenn Ryall, Estimates/Research Officer
Ms Lauren McDougall, Executive Assistant

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Home Warranty Insurance

Interim report

On 19 March 2008 the Senate referred the following matter to the Standing Committee on Economics for inquiry and report by May 2008:

Australia's mandatory Last Resort Home Warranty Insurance scheme, including:

the appropriateness and effectiveness of the current mandatory privatised Last Resort Builders Warranty Insurance scheme in providing appropriate consumer protection and industry management;

the reasons for and consequences of the ministerial decisions relating to the removal of consumer protection provisions in respect of Corporations Regulation 7.1.12(2);

the ramifications for the future supply of this insurance product following the draft recommendations from the Productivity Commission report released in December 2007;

any potential reforms and their costs and benefits which may lead to appropriate consumer and builder protection and improved housing affordability; and

any related matters.

The Committee has received 61 submissions. The submissions raise issues which the Committee wishes to investigate further.

The Committee has resolved to provide its final report to the Senate by 16 October 2008.


Senator Annette Hurley, Chair

1 May 2008

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