Submissions received by the Committee as at 7/9/06

Inquiry into gynaecological cancer in Australia

Submissions received by the Committee as at 7/9/06

Sub No.  


Howat, Dr Paul  (PDF 81KB)
2 Binns, Professor Colin and Lee, Professor Andy  (WA)  (PDF 95KB)
3 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare  (ACT)  (PDF 250KB)  Att 1  (PDF 735KB)
4 Gynaecological Cancer Service, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre  (VIC) (PDF 99KB)
5 Fortescue, Mrs Lisle  (NSW) (PDF 75KB)
6 Psychosocial Support Project  (NSW) (PDF 130KB)
7 Gynaecological Cancer Society  (QLD) (PDF 113KB) Att 1 (PDF 97KB)
Att 2 (PDF 102KB) Att 3 (PDF 152KB)  Att 4 (PDF 207KB)  Att 5 (PDF 98KB)
8 Nikolovski, Ms Concetta (PDF 90KB) Att 1 (PDF 129KB)
9 Rosengarten, Ms Alexa  (VIC) (PDF 96KB) Att 1 (PDF 405KB) Att 2 (PDF 128KB)
Att 3 (PDF 40KB) Att 4 (PDF 90KB) Att 5 (PDF 112KB)
10 Sydney Gynaecological Oncology Group, Sydney South West Area Health Service NSW  (NSW) (PDF 100KB)
11 Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer (QCGC)  (QLD) (PDF 116KB)
12 Bancroft, Ms Ann  (WA) (PDF 81KB)
13 Monash Medical Centre - Gynaecological Oncology Unit  (VIC) (PDF 105KB)
14 Gynaecological Awareness Information Network Inc (GAIN) (PDF 401KB)
15 Women's Health Queensland Wide Inc  (QLD) (PDF 111KB)
16 Country Women's Association of NSW  (NSW) (PDF 108KB)
17 The Lymphoedema Association of WA  (WA) (PDF 117KB)
18 Cancer Voices Australia  (NSW) PDF 88KB)
19 Cancer Voices Victoria  (VIC) (PDF 46KB)
20 Cancer Nurses Society of Australia  (NSW) (PDF 125KB)
21 CSL Limited  (VIC) (PDF 80KB)
22 Llewellyn, Dr Huw  (ACT) (PDF 90KB)
23 Northern Sydney Central Coast Health (NSCCH) Gynaecological Oncology Group  (NSW)
(PDF 90KB)
24 Australian Society of Gynaecologic Oncologists (ASGO)  (NSW) (PDF 244KB)
25 Hunter New England Centre for Gynaecological Cancer  (NSW) (PDF 197KB)
26 Blomfield, Dr Penny  (TAS) (PDF 100KB)
27 Heffernan, Ms Margaret  (VIC)

Hammond, Professor Ian
Leung, Dr Yee Chit
McCartney, Dr Anthony  (WA) (PDF 123KB)

29 Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Cancer Research Program  (NSW) (PDF 110KB)
30 GO Fund  (NSW) (PDF 56KB)
31 Name withheld  (SA) (PDF 92KB)
32 Rome, Dr Robert  (VIC) (PDF 95KB)
33 National Ovarian Cancer Network  (VIC) (PDF 177KB)
34 Smith, Ms Tanya  (WA) (PDF 34KB)
35 Greater Metropolitan Clinical Taskforce (GMCT) Gynaecological Oncology Network  (NSW) (PDF 190KB)  Att 1 (PDF 79KB)
36 Lickiss, Professor J Norelle  (NSW) (PDF 26KB)
37 Royal Women's Hospital  (VIC) (PDF 48KB)
38 OvCa (ACT & Region)  (ACT) (PDF 29KB)

Gynaecological Oncology Committee of the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Obstreticians and Gynaecologists and Gynaecological Oncology Department, Mercy Hospital for Women, Heidelberg  (VIC) (PDF 32KB)

40 Hacker, Professor Neville  (NSW) (PDF 60KB)
41 Health Consumers' Council WA  (WA) (PDF 19KB)
42 National Health and Medical Research Council  (ACT) (PDF 278KB)
43 Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia (FECCA)  (ACT) (PDF 107KB)
44 National Breast Cancer Centre  (NSW) (PDF 90KB)
45 GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)  (VIC) (PDF 56KB)
46 Davy, A/Professor Margaret  (SA) (PDF 87KB)
47 Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)  (VIC) (PDF 65KB)
48 Cancer Council Victoria  (VIC) (PDF 187KB)
49 Queensland Multicultural Health Network  (QLD) (PDF 42KB)  Att 1 (PDF 710KB)
50 Diagnostic Technology Pty Ltd  (NSW) (PDF 90KB)
51 The Cancer Council WA  (WA)  (PDF 297KB)
52 Department of Health and Ageing  (ACT)  (PDF 97KB)
53 Business and Professional Women of WA  (WA)  (PDF 33KB

South Australian Government  (SA)  (PDF 121KB)


Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG)  (NSW)  (PDF 142KB)


The Cancer Council of Australia; The Clinical Oncological Society of Australia and National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation  (NSW)  (PDF 309KB)


The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia  (NSW)  (PDF 152KB)


Menzies School of Health Research  (NT)  (PDF 94KB)  Att 1 (PDF 73KB)  Att 2 (PDF 131KB)
  Att 3 (PDF 118KB)


Queensland Government  (QLD)  (PDF 54KB)


Department of Human Services' Victoria  (VIC)  (PDF 201KB)


Carless, Dr Alan  (NSW)  (PDF 103KB)


Baird, Dr Phillip  (PDF 128KB)


Northern Territory Government  (NT)  (PDF 96KB)

64 Name withheld  (PDF 60KB)


DES Action Australia-NSW (PDF 64KB)


Martin, Mr John  (NSW) (PDF 17KB)


Strutt, Dr Rebecca  (NSW) (PDF 78KB)


Robertson, Ms Rosalind  (NSW) (PDF 354KB)

69 Sevicke Jones, Ms Maggie  (WA) (PDF 74KB)


Bowtell, Professor David on behalf of the Australian Ovarian Cancer Study (AOCS) (VIC) (PDF 5019KB)


Gibbons, Ms Victoria  (ACT) (PDF 23KB)


Mid-Life & Menopause Support Group  (WA) (PDF 15KB)

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