Membership of the Committee


Senator Dean Smith

Deputy Chair

Mr Julian Hill MP


Ms Nicolle Flint MP
Mr Andrew Gee MP
Mr Kevin Hogan MP
Mr Andrew Laming MP
Senator Chris Ketter
Senator Jenny McAllister
Ms Madeleine King MP
Senator the Hon Eric Abetz
Mrs Nola Marino MP
Ms Gai Brodtmann MP
Mr Ross Hart MP
Dr John McVeigh MP (to 20/12/17)
Senator Jane Hume (from 05/02/18)
Hon Sussan Ley MP (from 06/02/18)
Senator Bridget McKenzie (to 06/02/18)
Senator Rex Patrick (from 12/02/18)
Committee Secretariat
Ms Susan Cardell, Secretary
Mr Shane Armstrong, Research Officer
Ms Tamara Palmer, Office Manager

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